11 new types of sex worth trying

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Married for a long time, the two will inevitably passion waned, sex also became tasteless. In this regard, the United States famous sex educator Ellen Barnard said, the beginning of the year, couples may wish to work together to develop a sex wish list, bold and challenging love situation, rediscover the passion for sex. The following is a number of sexologists together recommended 11 kinds of sex, it is recommended that couples try one by one.

"Spur-of-the-moment" sex.

Sex doesn't have to happen at a specific time, in a specific place, or on an important day. Sex counselor Dr. Tammy Nelson says couples should try more "spur-of-the-moment" sex, right now, drop the chores, don't worry too much, have a spur-of-the-moment sex, both to help you get rid of tension, dissipate stress, but also to make sex more and more.

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"Laugh out loud" style sex.

Bringing a sense of humor into the bedroom is key to keeping your sex life healthy. It is advisable to try some sexual moves that seem a bit provocative, such as pole dancing or striptease for each other. Not professional and perfect, a little "silly" cute, will make your sex fun and bring you closer to each other.

"Sensual inhibition" sex.

Blindfolded, wearing headphones that block out the noise, trying to suppress your voice ...... trying to suppress one sense during sex can make the other senses work better, thus giving both of them unparalleled wonderful sensations. Couples may want to try this, then swap roles and both experience trying it out.

"Foreplay only" style sex.

Remember when you were in love, you kissed and caressed passionately for hours, just afraid to break into the forbidden zone? Studies have found that after entering married life, the intensity and frequency of kissing and caressing between couples will decline, and some people often go straight to the point. Therefore, it is recommended that couples may wish to set rules before sex: foreplay only, prohibit substantive sex. You will then find that although only caressing and kissing, you can also make your desire, passion and feeling so strong. After such foreplay, what awaits you will be full of passion and fun pleasure sex.

"Sneaky" sex.

Sexual security has its advantages and disadvantages, and making appropriate adjustments can bring more excitement to sex. Occasionally pull the curtain, or turn the lights on, the novelty will cause the couple's adrenaline to accelerate, bringing more intense sexual feelings. However, in public places in the bathroom is too risky, be found may have an impact on a healthy sexual mindset, experts do not recommend trying.

"Get out of the bedroom" style sex.

Although the bedroom is cozy enough, having sex outside the bedroom adds a sense of tension that can't be waved away in favor of sexual passion. When there are only two couples in the house, try having sex outside the bedroom, such as on the couch, in the kitchen or even on the washing machine.

"All-day anticipation" sex.

Text flirting is not only limited to lovers, but couples can also use it to send some hot words. It is advisable to start brewing sexual emotions in the morning after parting ways, such as texting your husband to let him know how fit and attractive his body is after his morning shower, or how excited you are for the evening together. Boston sex therapist Dr. Erin says, "The first rule of flirtatious texting is not to be so explicit that even if onlookers see you, they will only admire your intimacy and not find it flesh-raising." This approach will keep your evening's lust high.

"Taste the sweetness" style sex.

The best sex should excite all the senses, so add a sweet component to it. For example, feeding each other chocolate or putting a drop of honey on the skin for your husband to kiss there. Keep in mind that there is no need for too many sweet items, as they may affect health and backfire as a result.


"Shared bath" sex.

Sex in the shower is very hot and exciting, but be careful to do it the right way. Sex expert Emily Morse suggests putting lubricant in the shower before you start, because taking a shower can dry out the lower body area. Both parties can use the shower gel on each other and then use the lubricant to enjoy warm, smooth and wonderful sex.

"Erotica" style sex.

Couples may want to read erotic novels to each other after going to bed, which will not only make both parties more erotic, but will open up hot conversations about new types of sex that both parties want to try.

"Relive the past" style sex.

One of the great benefits of a long-term marriage is that both spouses have a wealth of secrets about their love lives. These are valuable resources that can be used, and the two of you may want to recall your most embarrassing sexual experiences together and then tell each other about them. You will find that trying to relive the good experiences of the past will make sex a lot more fun.