3 Tips for Getting Mutual Masturbation Hot and Spicy

Getting Mutual Masturbation Hot and Spicy

It's a common misconception in society to overlook mutual masturbation as a legitimate source of pleasure in the bedroom. Many people associate masturbation with solo experiences, single individuals, couples physically separated at the moment, or relationships that lack fulfillment.

However, this perception is far from accurate! While some couples may prefer diving straight into intercourse, many others appreciate the scenic route or even make mutual masturbation their primary sexual activity. whether they're exploring solo or sharing the journey. Mutual masturbation can be just as enjoyable as sexual intercourse, and as we've learned earlier , masturbation offers numerous health benefits beyond its pleasurable aspects. That makes it a win-win situation!

Engaging in mutual masturbation invites your partner into the intimate realm of your body's unique pleasure responses, fostering a deeper level of trust and intimacy in your sex life. Not only do you get to witness one of the most tantalizing private performances of your life, but you also gain valuable insights into how each of you prefers to be touched and stimulated for maximum pleasure. Whether you're enjoying a side-by-side experience or providing your partner with an unforgettable sensual massage, it's all about enhancing your sexual connection. As they say, the more, the merrier...

Stay connected, even when you're apart

Being physically separated doesn't mean you can't have some intimate fun together! Phone sex has been a classic way to maintain your connection when you're not in the same place. Plus, with the advancements in technology, such as video calls, access to erotic content subscriptions, and Bluetooth-enabled toys, there are more options than ever to make phone sex sizzle.

To set the mood for yourself, create a sensuous ambiance in your space before settling in for the night. Think scented candles, mood lighting, and everything that adds to the allure. Call your partner and engage in a tantalizing exchange of sexy phrases, expressing how much you wish you could be together and what you'd like to be doing. If you're comfortable, you can describe your own sensations and how good it feels, or simply enjoy listening to the sounds of passion. To add an extra layer of excitement, you can introduce a sensual surprise from your collection of adult toys. Even better if it's a toy that can be controlled from a distance.

Connect without the screen

When you're fortunate enough to be in the presence of your partner, put away the screens and indulge in some genuine face-to-face time. Masturbating while maintaining eye contact is an incredibly intimate experience, offering a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your partner's desires and preferences. Your gaze can wander over their body, observing how they pleasure themselves, or you can lock eyes for an unparalleled level of deep intimacy.

Getting Mutual Masturbation Hot and Spicy

If you feel a bit self-conscious about gazing intently at each other but still desire that extra sense of closeness, close your eyes and engage in passionate kissing. Pay attention to the subtle shifts in their kissing style, allowing you to gauge how much your partner is enjoying the moment. Even without visual cues, you'll notice changes in their breath – it might quicken or become shorter and more intense. They might become more playful as the intensity builds, and, of course, if they reach climax, you'll have a front-row view of their expression of pleasure!

Dip your toe into the world of fetish fun

Feeling extra adventurous? Whether you’re an erotic expert or a blushing beginner, why not try incorporating some cheeky BDSM play into your mutual masturbation? If you want to start with baby steps, try some light sensory deprivation with a blindfold while getting your partner off to keep the element of surprise on your side. Alternatively, you can turn up the stimulation with some erotic sensation play! From gentle feather ticklers to ice cubes, there are lots of sensation play products you can run over each other’s erogenous zones to send shivers up and down your spine, in more ways than one...

If you’re both willing to give it a go, you can try restraining your partner’s hands above their head, behind their back, or to something sturdy like bedposts while you pleasure them. There are lots of rope bondage positions for newbies and experts alike, and the exquisite mental pull of the Dominant/submissive dynamic is uniquely alluring.