6 strokes sex way big secret sweeping bland and tasteless sex life

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Sexual blandness is also a very normal thing, in our daily lives, after all, there are many more important things to do than sex, but understand that sex blandness for a long time, will dilute the couple's emotions, then, how to better close the distance between them, the only way is to properly say your will, let her know! These six strokes of erotic trick can not miss oh!

1, arrange a good sex time

The timing of sex is very important, and it's up to you to control the timing. After marriage, with children, more time is occupied by work, children, public entertainment, obviously, the couple together less time, which does not mean that sex should be reduced, non-also, even so, couples should also fully and properly use the time, do not miss any non-bed time sex.

2, switch caressing way

The most soulful caress between lovers, strong love through the delicate fingers to convey to each other, so that the two experience the passion of the first hot love. After several years of marriage, we will be accustomed to the presence of a person and let the feelings solid, no matter how many years of marriage, how the feeling of touching changes, we should do so with deep affection, although like the left hand touching the right hand feels awkward, in fact, we can properly improve the skills of sexual touching, so as to eliminate objective barriers, and really enjoy sex life.

have sex

3, deep communication and exchange

The communication of the mind is essential, couples do not communicate for a long time will make each other more and more distant, seem to be separated. It will also make the sex life more and more bland. Most men in bed will behave like ascetic monks, although desperately trying to please their wives with sincerity, but this does not mean that they are really so cool, so the appropriate to say your wishes, for example, want your wife to take more care of a certain part of you, as long as reasonable, I believe that can be communicated. Ladies are the same.

4、Change the place of lovemaking

The first thing you should do is to have a passionate sex, conservative couples, why not let go a little, experience a variety of sex scenes in pornographic movies? In the car, in the field, on the windowsill, or even where there are many people are desirable to find excitement. If the bed is the only place for couples to have sex, then you will naturally miss other more interesting places to have sex at home, naturally it is difficult to experience the pleasure of difficult sex to each other, so, want to expand the space for sex on the bold, open it up a little.

5, the use of sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasies are also part of the stimulation of sex? Of course, just as a man masturbates with his goddess in mind, you can also fantasize about more "kinky" scenarios during sex. One part of the pleasure of sex comes from the physiology, and the other part comes from the perfect fantasy of our brain, so, with the advice given in the above link, and then make a special request or share a good sexual fantasy can also help a lot to improve sexual skills!

6、Use of erotic products

The same pattern of sex for a long time will make couples feel bored, if there are erotic goods can greatly increase the interest of sex. At the same time can also come to some interesting role-playing, sexual abuse of couples can play under the "SM", how to fit how to come. Do not need to learn the difficult position in the porn, as long as the life of a change in the habits on the good.

 have sex

Be bold and have sex

A gentle breeze against bare skin and neighbors who may faintly hear the delicate moans of lovemaking will make for fuller sexual mobilization. Or be more daring and have sex in the car. The thrill of fear of discovery can be an adrenaline rush, bringing a sense of excitement and urgency to the "sexual battle.

Scratching the scalp to increase sexual desire

Try gently scratching around your scalp when you have nothing to do with that tingling sensation. Yes, there are plenty of nerve endings under the scalp, which explains why massaging the head feels so good. This contact promotes the flow of oxytocin secretion, making the couple feel closer together. This action will pave the way for a long romantic foreplay before intercourse.

Sex on the couch

Don't single out sex in bed for the rest of your life, don't you think it's very monotonous and boring? Husband sitting on the sofa, wife sitting face to face on his lap, kissing when the wife can rock back and forth, sex experts say this will bring extreme sexual pleasure, and the crazier the action, the more exciting.

Send some flirtatious texts

Sometimes, the couple's sexual emotions have to be slowly mobilized, so try sending flirtatious text messages on your phone, such as "Just so you know, I'm wearing that red lingerie you like", which will bring sexy scenes to your spouse's mind. When the two of you get home, it's self-explanatory what's going to happen.

Stimulate with the help of ice cubes

Sexologists believe that sexual contact can be made more passionate with the help of cold ice cubes. Try sliding ice cubes across each other's lips and inner thighs. When the other person can't resist, make sure not to give up, because sex is all about seeking pleasure and surely you will find great sensations.

Tell each other how you feel about sex

By simply saying what's going on in the moment during sex, such as "Your hand is rubbing against my thigh and it feels so good," your partner will know what turns you on, what you crave more, and which movements bring you pleasure. And a live description of the sexual activity will prevent displacement of thought and ensure full attention to the sexual activity.

Beautiful Sexual Fantasy

Have you ever tried to have some crazy sexual fantasies with your own husband or wife, such as threesomes, bdsm, etc., which would make you very excited. Having shared good fantasies will make couples very close. Couples can try role-playing to recreate the most passionate and beautiful screen moments that both of them remember vividly.