7 Best Sex Positions Using Sex Toys

Sex Positions Using Sex Toys

Enhancing your sexual experiences by incorporating sex toys can take your intimacy to new heights. However, it's essential to discover the right positions that provide pleasure for both partners and select the most suitable sex toys to ensure a mutually satisfying encounter. If you're new to the world of sex toys and seeking inspiration, here are seven fantastic positions for incorporating sex toys into your lovemaking, guaranteeing an exhilarating journey to pure sexual pleasure.

Missionary position

When embarking on your journey into the exciting realm of sex toys, the missionary position serves as an excellent starting point. An added advantage for the male partner is placing a cushion beneath their partner's buttocks. While enjoying the missionary position, numerous opportunities arise for introducing a variety of sex toys into your intimate moments. We're not limited to traditional vibrators or dildos; both partners can explore an array of toys, such as butt plugs, harnesses, and virtually anything that piques your desire!

Doggy style

Also known as the Stand Down position, Doggy Style offers an excellent opportunity for the penetrating partner to simultaneously stimulate the receiver's clitoris or penis. In the case of two male partners, it's an ideal moment to introduce a pair of vibrating cock rings, ensuring mutual pleasure. For couples with a female partner, the addition of a Rose Suction Clitoral Stimulator Dildo can provide an abundance of extra delights!

Reverse cowgirl position

The Reverse Cowgirl position offers the receiving partner control and provides the penetrating partner with a captivating rear view. For the partner who's lying down and may need assistance in stimulating the clitoris, tools like Dildo can make it effortless. Additionally, introducing butt plugs can enhance the experience for the partner beneath. For female couples, this position is also a fantastic opportunity to experiment with strap-ons!

Elevated oral position

Don't limit your exploration to traditional intercourse; oral sex can be an incredible avenue to explore. In the Elevated Oral position, the receiving partner can lie on a bed while their partner is positioned on the floor or at an elevated level. This setup allows the partner giving oral pleasure to access their partner without having to support their body weight with their arms, granting them greater freedom of movement. The giver can focus on stimulating the G-spot or, if desired, explore the rear erogenous zones. Simultaneously, the person performing oral sex can comfortably incorporate a butt plug, and for men using oral sex as a means of distraction from insecurities, there are options as well. Erection support rings are a valuable tool in this context, ensuring readiness. With all the stimulating possibilities at hand, confidence levels are likely to soar swiftly!

Sex Positions Using Sex Toys

Cowgirl position

The Cowgirl position is a timeless classic that can be adapted to provide extra stimulation for those seeking it. For individuals with a highly sensitive clitoris, the Horseless Rider position offers versatility. All you need is a vibrator and a pillow; you can adjust the pillow to the perfect height, then insert the vibrator. Couples can enjoy the Cowgirl position for clitoral stimulation by having the partner on top grind and use a vibrator on the clitoris, intensifying the pleasure and propelling themselves toward orgasm. For those on the bottom, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Men can use a cock ring for added stimulation and utilize a vibrator on their partner's nipples. Tools like the Remote Bullet Vibrator ensure all-encompassing pleasure.


Scissoring is an amazing position for same-sex partners, regardless of gender. If you're interested in double penetration, double-ended dildos allow both partners to synchronize themselves. In this position, both partners sit with their groins facing each other, providing the perfect setup for mutual penetration that's both satisfying and far less frustrating.

Afternoon delight

This position offers a unique twist on the traditional spooning position we all know and love. The receiving partner lies horizontally while the giving partner is vertical, creating a T-shape that allows both to stimulate each other. For men, this is an ideal time to use a fleshlight, while women can enjoy a magic wand. It's worth noting that you don't have to engage in this position in the afternoon; it's perfect for any time of day!

The Do's and Don'ts of Using Sex Toys

While there are plenty of sex toys waiting to be used and enjoyed, either on your own or with a partner, it can be quite intimidating. However, it's important to remember that it's all about comfort and pleasure. If you're considering introducing sex toys into your intimate life, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Talk: If you or your partner feel overwhelmed by the idea or if one of you wants to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, open and honest communication is key. Approach the conversation with understanding and compassion to find a solution that works for both of you.

  • Go Shopping Together: Choosing sex toys as a couple can be a fun and exciting way to find items that suit both of your sexual needs. It can also build anticipation for the night ahead.

  • Don't Be Intimidated: Sex toys are designed to enhance your sexual experience, not replace it. If your partner is feeling insecure, reassure them that the toys are not a substitute but an addition to your already fantastic sex life.

Remember, using sex toys is a journey meant to be enjoyed by both of you. While these positions can get you started, there's a vast world of possibilities out there to explore!