8 you must be able to "oral sex" knowledge

8 you must be able to "oral sex" knowledge - officialtherosetoy

How to help your partner perfect "oral sex"? I believe that this is a lot of girls inside the confusion, those things that are not taught in school, in addition to slowly explore with an intimate partner, may wish to refer to my "oral sex" guide for you ~ the original know how to master the secret techniques of oral sex, can make each other more comfortable, than masturbation, more than the ultimate orgasm never before!

  1. Oral sex can also burn calories?

A British study pointed out that kissing, lovemaking and oral sex consume a lot of calories, the study to the average weight of 66.7 kg of women as an example, kissing can consume an average of 68 calories per hour, oral sex consumes an average of about 100 calories per half hour, and walking for about 35 minutes. Making love consumes an average of more than 144 calories per half hour, and the calories consumed by different sex positions are different, female riding position is the most calorie-consuming position, an average of 207 calories per half hour can be consumed.

  1. You need to wear a condom even for oral sex?
    A woman with red lips and white teeth biting a condom

Many people have a low awareness of the crisis of oral sex, in fact, oral sex also has the opportunity to spread sexually transmitted diseases, especially if there are wounds in the mouth, such as prickly heat or lip sores and other problems have the opportunity to be infected, so for safety's sake, wearing a condom is a way to protect yourself. Before oral sex may wish to shower together to ensure that both bodies clean, as foreplay is also good!

  1. Removal of odor from private parts

The biggest obstacle to try oral sex for the first time may be the smell, even if there is no smell we will subconsciously feel that the private parts have an unpleasant smell or feel unclean. So try to keep your private parts fresh and odorless before oral sex, in addition to showering, you can also prepare wet tissue cleaning to avoid affecting the mood for sex.

  1. Regular trimming of private hair

It is recommended that even if you do not remove all the private hair, you should also trim your private hair regularly to be more neat and clean. In addition, we remind you that the short hair that grows after shaving will greatly affect the prickly feeling when having oral sex, so set aside time!

  1. Watch out for the teeth!

Whether it is male to female or female to male oral sex, it is important to know that oral sex is mainly the use of lips, tongue and mouth to suck, contain, lick and other actions alternately, avoid the use of teeth. Because the private parts of men and women are very fragile and sensitive, the use of teeth will be difficult to hold the force and lead to injury.

  1. Tie up the hair more sexy

    Hair Tie

British reports say that sex experts recommend that women help male partners oral sex, can tie up the hair so that the other party can see every action of the lady, while using both hands to stimulate other parts of the male, or to kneel for the male oral sex, will make men have the feeling of being worshiped, to meet the psychology of the big man.

  1. Let him suck your dick too

You can try to guide your partner from the lips, stomach, thighs, all the way to the private parts of the kiss, the woman will have the feeling of anticipation. The key skill of oral sex is to draw a circle with the tip of the tongue and bob up and down, during the process the woman can instruct the man to lightly or a little harder to drive the atmosphere.

  1. Relaxation

    relaxed in bed

Finally, in addition to skills and positions and other external factors, in any form of sex, the most important thing is to relax, so that you can fully engage in and enjoy the process.