Absolutely make her squirt oral sex method, try tonight

oral sex

No way, there are girls who don't like oral sex, right? If there is, then your partner must be wrong. Just as boys love the pleasure of being licked and contained, girls can't refuse the pleasure of being wet.

Today to introduce a few detailed, step-by-step oral sex skills and common positions, boys please learn carefully, girls remember to forward to your boyfriend ah ~

Understanding the physiological structure of the female partner

First of all, before oral sex, please be sure to study and understand the female partner's physiological structure! Many people lack a certain understanding of women's orgasms and sensitive zones, and habitually use their tongues as dingbats during oral sex, simulating penetrative sex, or licking their tongues indiscriminately against the entire pussy, which is very difficult to bring pleasure to the female partner.

First, we should know that vaginal "squirting" is a fictional concept that cannot be used as a basis for determining whether or not a woman has an orgasm. The "squirting" in "pornographic movies" is actually the urine secreted by female actors during orgasm. These female actors usually drink a lot of water before filming, so the urine will show a nearly colorless and odorless state.

When a woman is sexually stimulated, the vaginal opening does secrete a fluid called "bacillary fluid". This fluid can lubricate and neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina to increase the survival rate of sperm, but it does not reach the same level of "squirting" as in pornographic movies, only about 20ml at most. Therefore, during oral sex, you should not take the presence or absence of "squirting" as a criterion for judging whether the female partner has reached orgasm.

Secondly, it is important to understand that the most sensitive part of a woman's body is the clitoris, so the mystery of oral sex is not to stimulate the vagina through the tongue imitating penetrative intercourse, but to make the clitoris the focal object.

However, although the clitoris is the main focus of oral sex, it is not the only sensitive zone on your partner's body, and you should not only focus on the clitoris during oral sex. Knowing your partner's sensitive zones and caressing them as much as possible before you finish the main event is a very important part of oral sex.

Finally, women's orgasms are prolonged and long, with a single orgasm lasting as long as 20 seconds or more, and most importantly, without a "withdrawal period", to reach orgasm continuously. Therefore, before oral sex, you need to communicate with your female partner to understand whether they are looking for a prolonged pleasure or a short, abrupt pleasure.

Pay attention to hygiene

The private parts must be cleaned, for girls, it is good to wash the private parts with water, do not use lotion, private perfume, it will destroy the balance of vaginal flora in the private parts, leading to inflammation and other diseases.

As for the mouth, if you're going to have oral sex, don't brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth may cause the lining of your mouth to break down, increasing the possibility of infection. To keep your breath fresh, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash.

oral sex

Choose a sustainable position

Can save energy, the party lasting. When oral sex try to choose more effort, so that both bodies are not too tired position, on the one hand, oral sex is to relaxed pleasure is not to practice muscle, there is no need to choose so difficult action, so that the muscles continue to be in a tight state.

On the other hand, because women's orgasms are different from men's, women's orgasms do not have a period of inactivity and can stretch on and on, so oral sex may take longer, making it more important to choose a sustainable position to perform.

One of the most common labor-saving positions is to have the other half lie flat, and then the female partner sits on her knees and aligns her pussy to the other half's face. In this position, the woman can actively adjust her position to find the most sensitive and comfortable point. If conditions allow, the female partner can lightly hold the wall, which will save more effort.

At the same time, the other half will gently encircle the female partner's thighs with both hands, so that on the one hand, the female partner can save more effort, on the other hand, you can also slightly fix the range of the female partner's writhing, so that the female partner's pussy and their own face always remain at a suitable distance.

There is also a more effortless position, is to let the female partner lying flat, buttocks at the end of the bed, and then the other half of the kneeling on the floor, one hand lightly around the female partner's thighs, the other hand lightly lift the other leg of the female partner. This position can be convenient for women to use their hands to caress the sensitive areas of the upper body, increasing pleasure.

The most effortless position is to let the upper half of the female partner lie flat, legs up and then naturally rest on the shoulders of the other half, and then use a pillow on the waist and buttocks of the female partner to elevate the female partner's pussy. If the other half is male, this position can also facilitate the male partner to rub their penis with the sheets!

Of course, the body has the ability to challenge more difficult positions, but try not to put their bodies in a high state of burden, after all, oral sex is for pleasure, not to show off skills.

Foreplay is very important

Foreplay is an essential part of a good sex, it can help us eliminate tension and anxiety, soothe emotions, arouse desire, stimulate gonadal secretion, allowing us to better enter the state and improve the quality of our sex.

So good foreplay is about creating a pleasurable and relaxing sexual atmosphere and letting our bodies slowly let go by satisfying our five senses.

Good foreplay can have sexy clothing, pleasant fragrance, but only by these "extras" is far from enough, the most important thing is to have each other's tender caress, sweet words of love.

Studies have shown that the top four favorite sexual activities for women are savoring the pleasure of intimate kissing, stroking sensitive areas, flirting and sweet-talking, and exhaling with a kiss in the ear.

Try more hugs, kisses, and honest expressions of your love and praise in foreplay, and you'll definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

When caressing, you can use your lips and hands to caress, kiss, lightly shake each other's sexy belt, from top to bottom to tease the female partner's body one by one "fire", and finally slowly open the female partner's legs, with lips gradually to the pussy near the place wandering kisses, and then use the tongue to simply cross the entire pussy.

At this point, you don't need to lick directly at the clitoris, but continue to keep the outer skin wrapped around the clitoris and slowly start licking in a circular motion around it. At first, you can make large circles around the entire clitoris, then gradually turn into smaller circles. It is best to deliberately not touch the clitoris and then switch back to large circles when you are close to the clitoris and repeat one or two cycles.

This process of moving from kissing and licking to simply circling the entire pussy doesn't have to last too long so as not to suffer from the marginal effects that make the pleasure gradually diminish. When the female partner's clitoris starts to become engorged and larger, we can start the next heavy act.

The action must be gentle

When your partner's clitoris gets bigger, it usually means she's already in a state of arousal, but it's best not to open the skin and lick and suck it, because the clitoris is very delicate and sensitive.

This time it is best to lick it back and forth across the outer skin with the entire tongue up and down. The way you lick it can not be limited to circles, or even play some small games such as guessing letters to add some fun.

Then gently pluck the outer skin with your hand or lips so that the entire clitoris is exposed. You can also suck the labia singly in the process, or even touch them very gently with your teeth while sucking, and then gently poke and lick it with the tip and surface of your tongue alternating between up and down and rotating at times.

oral sex

Please try to avoid using your teeth when licking, and control the force so as not to hurt your partner.

Although oral sex is to help your partner achieve a clitoral orgasm, you can also alternate between licking the clitoris and vagina if needed, just don't ignore the clitoris when licking the vagina. For example, when licking the vagina, place your nose in the position of the clitoris so that when you lick, your nose will rub up and down with it, stimulating the clitoris.

When your female partner is close to orgasm, suck on her clitoris to accelerate stimulation and help her reach orgasm.

Be equally gentle when sucking. First hold it, then gently suck it while slowly speeding up the rhythm of your tongue to poke up and down the clitoris until your partner reaches orgasm.

Communication, understanding and respect

All interactions in a relationship should be based on the premise of equality and respect, and oral sex is no exception. As mentioned earlier, a woman's orgasm stretches like a mountain range, and it is important to communicate with your female partner before oral sex to find out if she wants a stretched or short orgasm style.

If you want a prolonged one and you are capable and willing, you can repeat the above oral sex techniques again to help your female partner enjoy orgasm again; if your female partner wants a short one, go to the next session according to the needs of both parties.

In short, you must listen attentively to each other's desires, understand what each other wants, and then try to satisfy each other's desires as much as possible within the conditions you can accept.

Of course, while one party listens carefully to the voice of the other, the other party also needs to be brave enough to express their own demands. The double standard of sexual morality often restrains women from expressing their needs and desires bravely, for fear of being labeled as "sluts" and "sluts", many women fall into the "chastity "condoms, playing the role of passive enjoyment again and again. These condoms not only prevent women from pursuing sexual pleasure, but also prevent the relationship from moving in the direction of greater intimacy.

At this time, as a partner, you should take the initiative to encourage your partner to express their inner desire bravely, and practically give your partner a sense of security through words and actions, so that she no longer fears that once her desire is expressed, she is in danger of being judged by morality.

It is also important to really respect your partner's voice, especially when she is saying "no", "please don't continue" and other words that mean no. We often see the phrase, "the mouth says no, but the body is honest". This phrase is actually a misinterpretation that mistakenly treats a girl's physical response as the only indicator of sexual arousal, and women who refuse to acknowledge their responses are simply too ashamed to admit and express their apricot desire.

First of all, we should be clear that when a woman's private parts are stimulated by a specific physiological response, but private response is not the same as consent and pleasure.

Unless the female partner realizes that she will have such words in the process, but they are not really expressing rejection, it is better to stop according to her words and wait for her partner to slow down, then listen carefully to her voice. Because a woman's voice, often more than her private parts to reveal her true feelings.

There are thousands of oral sex techniques, and here is just a brief demonstration of the tip of the iceberg. I hope you can explore your body more, practice more, try more, and communicate more with your partner.