Couples flirtation game can be played like this!


Some couples live together for many years and the repetition and chores of life day in and day out inevitably make each other tired of their marriage. If the couple does not take timely measures to remedy the marriage, the relationship is prone to break down, and divorce may not be far away.

Playing a little game once in a while is a great choice for couples to enhance the freshness of their love. Flirting game is just a kind of foreplay, but this fun and exciting more, adding interest; also can make each other more love you Oh ~

Game 1: The winner is the king

 Couples play a game (chess match or rock-paper-scissors), lose a game to take off a piece of clothing, whoever finishes first loses, and unconditionally let the other hand to put on her (his) for "you" to prepare a piece of lingerie or sexy lingerie.

Game 2: Hide-and-seek game

Couples fairly choose one person to blindfold with a handkerchief and, while making sure they are completely blind, let come down to find each other based on the cues of their partner's voice. Whoever takes the shortest time will win. The losing party has to accept the punishment (for example: French kiss, striptease, etc.)

Game 3: Carousel mini-game

 This game involves entwining your limbs with your opponent and then getting ready for the turnbuckle and sexy clothes. Turn your fingertips and spread your limbs as the pointer indicates, in a way that ensures you don't fall over. For a little more excitement, disturb your opponent by licking his or her nose, kissing or tickling. So she or he doesn't fall down? Become your captive? At your mercy?


Game 4: Draw Trivia

Couples find some small slips of paper, write down "you" have been curious or want to do but afraid to do the position or sexual behavior, and then the two small slips of paper are collected, decided by lottery, and then the two decide the content of the small slips of paper, say their own ideas, if the two agree. Then what hesitation! Take action!

Game 5: Gender Exchange

The couple's identities are switched, how the other party is usually to you now how to her, play enough to switch back to the identity. The mystery of this, "you" try to know.

 Remember, when playing the above games, be sure to set up the environment, dim the lights at home and create a hazy feeling.

 This is just an introduction to a few flirting games, if you think it is still a bit tasteless you can also go buy some erotic supplies to continue to explore.

 To live the day with passion and fresh taste, how can life be boring, bland?