Female masturbation tips

Female masturbation tips - officialtherosetoy

Many girls are not able to reach orgasm properly during sex, in addition to making the male partner work harder, change to different positions to try, there are other ways? In fact, orgasm, like muscles, can be practiced. The good masturbation is definitely the focus, in addition to five tips to help you more easily open your pistil, usually practice well to raise the orgasm body, enjoy the wonderful process of sex!

Exercises: Kegels, squats, lunge walking The easiest

kegels exercise

masturbation exercises are actually exercises! Any exercise that trains the pelvic floor muscles (the muscles around the bladder, urethra, vagina, etc.) is good for tightening the vagina!

Kegel exercises, squats and lunge walking are some of the exercises that are considered to be better for training the pelvic floor. If you are always complaining about not getting an orgasm, why not take action and start with the most basic 1-2 times a week?

 Exercise: Vaginal dumbbells are a good helper for you

Vaginal Dumbbell

Besides doing Kegel exercises alone, you can also rely on vaginal dumbbells as a training aid on weekdays. Vaginal dumbbells come in different weights and shapes, so if it's your first time using one, start with 30-40 grams and slowly insert the ball into your vagina in a squatting position or by lifting your leg sideways, just like a tampon. You can also use lubrication to help if necessary.

It is recommended to lie on the bed with your legs in an M-shape, and then inhale the vaginal dumbbells to "clip" them in, maintain them for 3-5 seconds, and then exhale slowly to relax them.

Exercise: Recognize the sensitive angle of the clitoris

Instead of relying on your male partner to find the orgasm point every time, start by "loving yourself". In fact, every girl's sensitive spot is different and it takes time to slowly find your own angle.

If you are a little shy about touching your own clitoris, we suggest that you take advantage of the shower to gently stimulate the area around your clitoris with a jet of water from a rosette to find the right angle, and when you feel a tickling sensation in the area being massaged by the jet of water, it is the right place.
 Sensitive spots: nipples, behind the ears, neck

In addition to the clitoris, you actually have many sensitive zones to explore properly. For example, nipples, behind the ears and back, are also common sensitive points, as long as the massage place right, but also easy to open your pussy switch, just touch less than five minutes below the wet answer.

First of all, relax and lie down, pour a little massage oil on your hands, and then slowly stroke their bodies, from behind the ears, neck, collarbone, to gently draw circles in the chest, stay in the nipples for a while, you can feel the ripples of physical pleasure.
Make good use of the sense of ritual: scent, location, music can help relax

Finally, do not underestimate the ambience, when you are in a comfortable and relaxing environment, it is often easier to reach orgasm.

Try changing the carefully selected sheets, lighting scented candles, playing some relaxing music, adding a little sense of ritual, will have a very different effect from the usual lovemaking oh!