Frequent position changes can increase the pleasure of sex?

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Many boys who have seen pornography have been misled into thinking that: the more sex positions you can change in a bed activity, the more you can represent your mastery of sexual skills and the more you can satisfy your other half, so is that really true? Do you need to change positions frequently to have sex?

The answer is yes, but avoid too often. There are many benefits to changing positions at the right time and in the right way.

First of all, position changes can extend the duration of sex.

For boys, changing positions can effectively extend the length of time you want to ejaculate, to achieve the concept of physical prolongation, different positions to bring new patterns of sex, new interest, to avoid the same old set every time;

Last but not least, the process of changing positions is also a process of mutual understanding between the two partners.
 Constant adjustments can help find each other's sensitive points, further explore their own and each other's bodies, and find the most suitable position for two people.

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Try to avoid frequent position changes during a sexual encounter

But despite the many benefits of changing positions, frequent changes can also bring many problems, a sex, 2-3 positions is relatively appropriate.

The undercurrent of men in lovemaking is the pursuit of novelty. They are always happy with new positions, new things, want to get satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in their partners. But the frequent change of position is very exhausting, the force to be used in the right time period, the time to sprint found no strength is not very spoiled?

The right sex life, not only to allow men and women in the process of sex to release pressure, experience pleasure, but also to enhance the relationship between the couple.

Understanding the physiology of girls

In sexual activities, even if men change a variety of positions, it does not affect their ultimate physical orgasm, so the main reason most boys do so or to take care of the girl's feelings, but you really know what girls want?

In fact, the female body's sexual response mechanism is very similar to that of men in some ways.

Boys and girls want to reach orgasm need to be in the repeated sexual stimulation slowly build up a surge of energy, when this accumulation of energy enough to break through the body's sexual threshold, it will get a physical orgasm, which is a gradual process.

The female orgasm generally requires simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot on the vaginal tract and the head of the vulva clitoris, a process that is also slow and progressive, requiring long periods of adherence to a position of repeated stimulation, and a physical orgasm is achieved when the stimulation breaks through the body's sexual threshold to a certain degree.

During the energy buildup, if the man immediately changes positions, the woman may feel a sense of low down inside, like an empty glass of water that is so easy to receive half of it and is immediately full, and is suddenly told to start over.

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In fact, if both sides are ready to go to the point of orgasm, it is best to change to the most suitable position for both sides, and then control the speed of friction, do not bump, at first you can follow a certain rhythm to do repeated uniform movement, when the energy builds up to 60%-70% slowly accelerate, when the energy builds up to 90%-95% of the time, you can do the final sprint, properly controlled, it is possible to reach orgasm together The, rather than having to rely on changing positions to achieve.

Do not blindly challenge the difficult action

Want to pursue their own experience of some new posture is not wrong thing, but must pay attention to their own safety issues. Some postures, although stimulating, but not for long-term use, the muscles themselves are in a state of tension, if the posture is not right, it is easy to physical damage.

So ah, the appropriate try fresh positions can really add color to a sexual activity, but sex positions are never the more change the better, two people need to explore the position of mutual preference and fit, in both sides ready to reach the point of orgasm, the probability is to stick to a position for a long time.