Guide to explore the sensitive parts of adult men and women!

have sex
Did you know that the human body has more than 40 sexually sensitive zones? They are rich in sensory nerve endings as long as the slightest stimulation will prompt the brain to secrete dopamine and oxytocin and other pleasure hormones to produce a series of physiological responses ~
 Just like your body in the moment of being touched, the sensory nerve endings will send a signal, through the central nervous system, and then reach the cerebral cortex, so that you feel itchy or comfortable feeling.
 All human happiness comes from feeling.


Don't be confused
In fact, your scalp is often very sensitive
Because the scalp is the area closest to the brain, the
Rich in nerve endings once stimulated
The brain responds immediately
Dilates capillaries in the scalp to create a tingling sensation on the scalp
And if you use the fingertips and fingertips to rub each other's scalp regularly and forcefully can make people's spinal nerves tremble to produce pleasure Oh 


This is not for you to hammer each other's heads but the brain is the ultimate control officer of the human body.
 Your series of feelings are made by the brain to respond so sometimes just by virtue of words, words, imagination there are some can be directly cool so couples may try to say a little private conversation between the bedroom Oh ~

Inner thigh

Follow the ankle up, all the way to the inner thighs here, a light touch will be like an electric feeling or even let you a jolt of goose bumps all over the body
The skin here is usually not in contact with the outside world not only has a wealth of sensory nerves but also has the thinnest skin of the lower limbs
Draw the point!!!
Here is a very good flirtation parts and men are more sensitive than women


kiss ear
The ear is rich in nerves and capillaries
And the skin is very thin so the subcutaneous nerves are sensitive to external volume and temperature changes.
So if you blow on each other's ears
 Or lick the ear capillaries will expand to cause blood flow is accelerated very easy to make people blush.


Once in the "21st Century Sex Primer" had said
The mouth is not only one of the sexy parts of the body
It is also the most sensitive organ for many people
The same mouth is also covered with dense nerve endings
The stimulus then creates a chain reaction

Sexual organs

Continue up the thighs
You have come to the forbidden zone of life ~
Sensitive nerves on the sexual organ during sex
A constant flow of sexual impulses is transmitted to the brain
Upon receiving the signal, the brain secretes large amounts of dopamine
Dopamine not only makes you crave for lust
It can also bring you intense pleasure.
For example, like the girl's clitoris and male genitalia are sensitive areas
This know all understand, no need to say it again!
Of course, in fact, everyone's sensitive parts have to be explored in detail, the above is just to learn, the most critical thing is to know yourself and your enemy in order to live a sexually happy life. But the premise is "close relationship".