Here are some tips on how to have bathroom sex

bathroom sex

In the small space, the light is dim and deep, and the transparent glass on the window gradually diffused with water mist, which seems to suggest a hidden event quietly began. The two people in the bathtub with their clothes removed, climbing each other's necks, eyes tender, rubbing their noses, kissing and stroking ...... gasps and water sounds are rising and falling ......

We can often see such shots in film and television dramas, their unique posture, enjoy the expression, can not help but let the hearts of people want to try it for themselves ......

Bathroom sex is really as wonderful as presented in the film and television drama?

Do not rush to try first, the next and talk about what should be noted in the bathroom sex -

At the beginning of the shower do not immediately enter the subject, you can pour hot water to make a joke or kiss each other's neck, first foreplay. I believe you have played such games when you fell in love, it is indeed a nostalgic game.

bathroom sex

Selection of scenes

When the use of the bathroom becomes different, even if you are familiar with its environment, you have to resist the urge to find something new and choose the right way according to the basic layout of the bathroom to ensure that the whole process is healthy, safe and enjoyable.

Shower bath

The water pouring down from the shower, stirring the ground, turning into water droplets mischievously fleeing the shy scene, and can't resist coming back to take a look, turning into water vapor filling the whole room. The lights, the vapor, and the gradually rising temperature made the ambiguous atmosphere in the entire bathroom intensify.

With a shower installed in the home bathroom, there is more than enough space for two people, and with a rosette that can be removed by itself, the sex process can be more intimate and fun.

First, partners can take this opportunity to try many positions that are mainly standing. Whether it's a duo or a solo act, the shower is a great tool that cannot be ignored. By physically stimulating the body's sensitive zones, such as the clitoris, vulva and nipples, it can help the body to warm up quickly, get into shape and even reach orgasm.

The intensity and distance of the water flow in the shower needs to be carefully controlled. At the right water temperature, continuous stimulation can achieve the desired effect, but note that the time should not be too long and the vagina should not be rinsed directly, otherwise it will affect the balance of vaginal flora.

bathroom sex


When it comes to the bathtub, what comes to mind is the petals floating on the surface of the water, the dense bubbles, the feeling of taking off your clothes and dipping into a pool of water at the right temperature, surrounded by this pool of gentle hot water.

In the bathtub, there are many things you can do, throw a bath ball, toy duck, play while soaking, or pour a half glass of wine and sip it while meditating. In addition to this, the partners who make out inside become more intimate under the effect of warm water surroundings.

Public Waters

People in the pursuit of novelty and excitement is never-ending, but also some couples will play water on the spur of the moment, so, in addition to the bathroom, some public waters such as swimming pools, rivers, shallow sea will be the alternative scene.

From the health point of view, we are extremely discouraged from exchanging feelings in public waters , similar scenarios in films and television works are certainly beautiful and titillating, but the reality may be much harsher.