Hot summer sex how to do it comfortably

summer sex

Summer is a hot and passionate season. A survey shows that the number of sexual encounters in summer accounts for 66% of the total number of times in a year, followed by winter (16%), spring (14%) and autumn (4%).

However, too much heat can also have some effects on sex. Excessive heat causes the body to sweat a lot, and with that, chemicals associated with desire are excreted, and sexual desire is diminished as a result. In addition, the feeling of their skin sticking together when they are sweating profusely is unpleasant.

Keep cool and comfortable

Using air conditioners or fans: During sex, you can turn on the air conditioner or fan to keep the room cool and comfortable by keeping the temperature and air circulating.

Chilled drinks: Prepare some chilled drinks beforehand, such as iced water, juice or iced tea, which can be consumed before and after sex to keep your body cool.

Ice pack or ice cube: Wrap an ice pack or ice cube in a towel and gently slide it over the sensitive parts of your body to give your body an extra cooling sensation.

Choose the right time and place

Warm and cool periods: Have sex in the morning or evening when the temperature is relatively cool, avoiding the hot periods of midday and afternoon.

Cool location: choose a well-ventilated place for sex, such as a room with air conditioning or a fan, or a cool place outdoors in the shade of a tree or by the water.

summer sex

Easy to adapt to the position

Avoid excessive exercise: Overly strenuous and intense sexual activity in hot weather may increase the strain on the body.

Choose a gentler, more comfortable position and reduce the level of excessive movement.

Non-weight-bearing positions: Avoid positions that require body weight, such as difficult handstand or push-up positions, to reduce the stress and fatigue of the body.

Maintain good hygiene habits

Frequent bathing: As you tend to sweat in summer, it is recommended to cleanse before and after sex to keep your body fresh and clean.

Use cool products: Choose some cool feeling sexual lubricants or condoms to increase the comfort of the sexual process.

Erotic and creative

Water activities: In summer, you can try water sex, such as taking a bath together, having intimate contact in the pool and enjoying the coolness of the water for added interest and creativity.

Use cold sexy props: Choose some cold sexy props such as ice cubes and cooling eye masks to try with your partner to increase the excitement and fun of sex.

Outdoor sex: If you have a private outdoor space, try having outdoor sex on a cool night to enjoy the coolness and romance of nature.

Focus on health and maintaining moderation

Diet adjustment: In summer, you should focus on clear light diet, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid excessive consumption of greasy and spicy foods to reduce the burden on your body.

Drink enough water: Hot weather can easily cause dehydration. Keeping enough water can help regulate body temperature and increase body comfort.

Pay attention to body signals: Pay attention to your body's reactions and signals during sex.

If you feel unwell or overly tired, you should stop the activity and rest and recover.

The hot summer weather may cause some inconvenience to sex, but there are steps we can take to find a balance between comfort and blazing heat.

Keeping cool and comfortable, choosing the right time and place, adapting to relaxed positions, maintaining good hygiene, being erotic and creative, and focusing on health and keeping it moderate are all ways to help make summer sex more comfortable.

It is important to communicate and explore together with your partner to find what works for both of you to create a passionate and joyful summer sex life.