How much do you know about the trivia of sex life


The correct knowledge of sex is related to the harmony of couples and family harmony. But often many people know little about sex and even have great misconceptions, some of which can even endanger their own health and that of their partners.

Today we will talk about these cold knowledge of sex life ~

Love hormone dopamine

When two people are together, the body will continue to secrete dopamine because of the stimulation of the novelty.

Dopamine makes us more excited and happier, and the more it is secreted, the more excited we are to feel that we can be in love with each other for the rest of our lives.

But dopamine is something that comes and goes quickly and lasts for 3-6 months.

Because dopamine is so enchanting, the brain is trying to prevent us from being blinded by love, so serotonin production is ramped up when dopamine is lowered.

Serotonin is responsible for rationality and is protected from emotional influences.

So, that's why many couples maintain half a year to break up, half a year is a hurdle.

Love at first sight hormone

The first time you see someone you blush, it's love at first sight in a TV show.

When we fall in love at first sight, we are actually attracted to the other person's appearance, and this is when our body secretes phenylethylamine.

Phenylethylamine is known as a neuroleptic, which will make you instantly excited, lose objective rational thinking, and make us feel that he is destined.

Of course, horror films can also stimulate out this hormone, so many people will also invite their favorite people to watch horror films to enhance their feelings.

Cheating hormone testosterone

Studies have shown that people with high testosterone have a higher sex drive and are more likely to cheat.

But these hormone studies can only be a reference, a good or bad relationship, the results or look at people, all feelings, the final test is the most loyal and kind part of human nature.


Long love hormone endorphin and oxytocin

Endorphins and oxytocin, while not as disabling as dopamine, are the hormones that allow us to focus on a relationship.

Endorphins allow us to perceive warmth and calm pleasure, and will make people cherish each other more and more the longer they stay apart.

When endorphins are secreted, they also secrete oxytocin at the same time, which can make girls more dependent and happy with guys.

It can also make guys feel more like they belong, more forgiving and loyal to their significant other.

And these two hormones are not the type that come and go, and can be constantly replenished by two people hugging, holding hands, and in intimate contact.

Deliberately improve the frequency, but the quality of damage

When told to have sex more than once, partners often lose some of their spontaneity and excitement.

The "right" frequency can be mutually satisfying and, with good communication, can be negotiated at a frequency that is physically and psychologically pleasing to everyone.

So if you have little frequency with your partner, you don't need to deliberately improve it, except if you have a plan to prepare for pregnancy. Of course, long-term abstinence is also undesirable and can affect the quality of sperm and also bring health damage.