How to add fun to your sex life

Women appreciate themselves in the mirror

Unhappy with your sex life? You're not alone. Many people are unhappy with their sex life, either not in terms of frequency or quality. Read this article to learn how to feel more fulfilled and confident about your sex life.

To look at your body naturally.

Feeling unnatural or embarrassed about your body can turn sex into a humiliating affair and ruin all the fun of sex. If you're struggling with negative body image that affects your sex life, make it a priority to change what you can and accept what you can't. For some people, it may be an obesity issue. Others may have skin problems like scars or acne, and still others may be very concerned about the size of a certain part of their body.

  • Don't change your body to please the other person. Make only those changes that make you comfortable, and those that you know will enhance your entire quality of life and health. Accept those things you cannot change, and you should find someone who will accept you as you are.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene before you have sex and make sure you look your best (at least by your standards). Shave, trim your eyebrows, shave your body hair if necessary, and don't forget to shower.

Rich in passion.

Don't neglect the other processes that accompany sex, including foreplay. Sex without foreplay is like hot cocoa without whipped cream. And in fact, hot cocoa should never be without frothy cream.

  • One by one, slowly remove each other's clothes, making out from time to time in the process. Throw away clothes directly and casually to create a sense of tension.
  • Start slowly. Start with kissing, then consciously and slowly switch to other means of foreplay before moving on to the subject.
  • Make sure to fully embrace, caress and touch your partner's body. The more fully you and your partner's bodies are in contact, the more exciting and intimate your sexual experience will be.
  • Eye contact. You may not want to open your eyes during a kiss, but you will want to make eye contact during other intimate acts. Gaze into each other's eyes and let them feel your complete devotion.

Spend more money on sexy lingerie.

sexy women

Ladies, this advice is for you; wearing some very "kinky" lingerie is the best way to add interest to the bedroom and boost your sexual confidence.

  • Many women unknowingly choose the wrong size bra. You may want the clerk to look at them for you in order to pick the right size, shape and style of bra for your unique chest shape so you can feel more confident in the bedroom and show your best self.
  • Change your panties often. The sexy thing about panties is that moment of surprise. If you always wear the same panties, there's no mystery to it and eventually your partner stops being excited by your sexual side.
  • Vary your underwear patterns, including colors and materials, such as leather, lace, feathers and silk. Change your jacket every day to keep it fresh. Try different hairstyles and makeup to make sex perfect for you.
  • Men, these aren't just words for girls. Maybe you don't have to run out and buy a pair of light lace panties or a leather thong, but maybe your partner has a specific preference for your attire during sex? Ask your partner if he or she prefers you to wear boxer shorts or boxers. You can't guess by guessing.

Go to an adult store together.

adult store

Take turns picking out the sex toys and videos you want to try. Let each other pick out the gadgets you like.

  • Take turns trying it on each other when you get home. You can update frequently or you can just use each other's erotic products to please him/her.
  • Handcuff each other to the bed. Take turns being handcuffed and taking turns performing. A blindfold can also be worn to add mystery. The other senses will be more sensitive after the loss of vision.
  • Whipping or gagging the other person. This one is not for everyone, but some people still just like it rough. No kidding. Get a whip, gag, and take turns using it on each other.

Try role-playing.

Plan situations and roles carefully ahead of time. Role-playing takes you out of the box and puts you in new situations, turning sexual fantasies into reality.

  • Come up with scenarios that include two different characters. These combinations include: sex nurse / doctor, damsel in distress / fireman, rich woman / poor boy, prostitute / john, cowgirl / cowboy.
  • Get into character. Think about your character's personality traits. Imagine how your character would act, what he or she would say, and how he or she would display his or her body.
  • Prepare your lines. Although you don't want to tease your partner while reading your lines, it certainly helps to prepare in advance to make it go smoothly. Doing so will also help overcome shyness. Don't be nervous, relax and get into the swing of things.
  • Dress up. Put some effort into preparing a sophisticated costume. The most important (and sexy) part of the role play is that both parties change their appearance. Buy or make your own costumes, and if necessary, prepare hair and makeup.

Try edible teasers.

Let your palate come in handy by adding edible desserts, lotions, or even clothing decorations. You can also lock in flirtatious foods, such as oysters and chocolate.

  • Drizzle chocolate sauce or sprinkle frothy cream on each other and lick slowly.
  • Take turns feeding each other fruits like grapes or strawberries. These won't mess up the environment and aren't hard to eat, while still maintaining a sexy makeup look.
  • Go to an adult store and buy edible lotions, lingerie, and creams specifically for flirting
  • Hugs first and then sips. Champagne is most elegant, other drinks are fine.

Then watch pornographic movies.

Some people like to have sex while watching for inspiration or to stay in tune with the actors in the film. While this can somehow take away your attention, it does give you inspiration.

Watch porn

  • Watching pornographic movies allows you to think of new tricks without having to think hard. If you're too shy to tell each other what you want to try, try watching a related porn movie together.
  • Make sure it is your mutual will. If one partner is not committed, then it is likely that the other partner will feel neglected.

Change location.

Generally speaking, the bed is the home base for sex, but why not try changing the space? It's easy to fall into a routine of having sex before bed, but that quickly becomes uninteresting.

  • Choose a different location in your home. Billiard table? The pool? Get creative and make out in different parts of your home to keep sex fresh and exciting.
  • Book a local hotel. Pretend to be a local tourist and take your partner on a one-night stand. If money is no object, book a hotel that you have always liked.

Romantic trips when you say you're going.

If you have enough money, it's best to take a romantic getaway in one weekend. Take your loved one on a surprise trip. Set the mood in advance for your arrival with champagne and flowers in the room.

Try new positions.

The missionary position is good, but don't overlook the other positions created by man. Changing positions not only adds pleasure, but is also very exciting.