How to determine whether a man is a playboy or really love you?


In today's society, gender relationships are becoming more and more open, and this openness has led to many problems. Many women can't tell whether their suitors are holding a short-term playful mentality or seriously considering long-term development. When they invested in real feelings, and even pay a lot of later, only to find that people simply do not take it seriously, once the passion is over to find various reasons to avoid or even disappear.

In the end, how can you tell if a man's quest is just to get laid, or like, or love it?

This starts with the three stages of emotional development of men. Usually, men's feelings go through the following three stages of development: one is to have "sexual" interest in you. The second is like you. Three is love. If a man loves you, he is bound to go through the stage of having sexual interest in you and liking you. But the man who is only sexually interested in you does not have to like you. This is also known as the case of sex and love sharing.

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Of course, there are some cases, is first just have sexual interest, and then contact a little like, with deeper understanding and even fall in love.

How long each stage takes is different for each person, some can cross the three stages as soon as instantly and clearly feel that they are in love. Some get along for years are sparse and probably never end up going to the extent of really falling in love. Relatively speaking, a more mature man can quickly distinguish whether he is merely sexually attracted, or like or love. More immature men will take longer to figure out exactly what state they are in. Experience is also very important, people who have experienced several relationships will be very clear about the different feelings each relationship brings to them, they will be more able to appreciate what is sexual desire, like and love.

Men behave differently at each stage, so it is possible to determine which stage he is in based on certain specific manifestations. Typical manifestations of each stage are as follows:

Stage of sexual attraction:

1, the man will find opportunities to approach you, intentionally or unintentionally to create physical contact opportunities, but will not care too much about your feelings.

2, will praise and even compliment you, but not necessarily out of true feelings, but in order to please you, so that you pay attention and have a good feeling about him. And people who really like you, your praise, must be from the heart of appreciation.

3, to you sexually interested in the male will be active to you, but can not afford to refuse, if you refuse a few times, he will not insist, because you are not how important to him, can be about better, about not also does not matter.

Stage of like:

If a man likes you, in addition to taking the initiative to approach you, appreciate and praise you, there will be the following performance:

1, will listen carefully to what you say, and will take what you have said to heart. Especially in the occasion of many people, everyone is talking, but he paid extra attention to what you said and pay attention.

2, will be free to like to look at you, some will stare at you, some will secretly observe you.

3, will find all kinds of excuses and opportunities to meet with you.


Stages of love:

1, he will be very interested in understanding you, but also want you to know more about him. This understanding, mainly refers to understanding your thoughts, ideas, concepts and other internal things, not just your external conditions or daily schedule. He likes your external, more attracted by your internal.

2, if a man falls in love with you, he will care about your feelings, will not deliberately leave you ignore you. Once you feel upset or sad, he will be heartbroken.

3, once in love with you, he will think of you as soon as he has time. If you are only sexually interested in you, he will only think of you when you appear, or when he has the desire. If you just like your man, he will have some time to think of you, but not a free time to think of all you.

Many women fall in love will be somewhat blind, IQ dramatically reduced, can not see each other in the end just want to have sex with you , or a little like, or love. Observe and think more, use the above methods to gauge the progress and development of your relationship, and don't waste your precious time and feelings on the wrong person and the wrong relationship. Of course, nothing will be the same, based on the basic rules, but also according to the actual individual cases of individual analysis.