How to find each other's sexually sensitive areas?

How to find each other's sexually sensitive areas? - officialtherosetoy

Netizen feedback: and their girlfriends living together for more than two years, feeling less and less enthusiasm between us, because to and fro is that a few action moves, one day she said nothing interesting, directly to my whole blindfold, I and she has not just started together when the curiosity and passion.


The above netizen shared is actually a lot of people's current situation and trouble, so take out to do case to tell a story. In fact, sex is not brutal, if appropriate to learn some good skills can make each other have a better sexual experience, as long as you find each other's sensitive areas will make the sexual experience more, then how to find sex sensitive areas?

The sensitive zone is the door to new and exciting sexual experiences. If your knowledge of the sensitive zones is still limited to the "old three" of lips, breasts and sexual organs, it is necessary to deepen your understanding of the sensitive zones.

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What is the sexual sensitivity zone?

Sexually sensitive zones are areas of the body that are sexually aroused by stimulation. The most obvious zone is the genitalia, but sensitive areas can be found all over the body. In fact, when sufficiently stimulated, the entire body, with its large number of nerve endings, becomes one large zone of sexual sensitivity.

Although sexual sensitivity zones vary from person to person, they are generally similar for men and women. Stimulating the sensitive zone not only brings sexual pleasure, but also sexual arousal and prepares the body for sex.

  • Sexually sensitive zones all over the body

The most obvious ones are the area near the penis or vagina, the mouth (including the lips and tongue), the buttocks, the breasts and nipples, the earlobes, the shoulders, the neck, and the belly button. Other sensitive areas include the eyelids, armpits, scrotum, inner buttocks, inner thighs, curves of the arms, and the back of the knees.

Many people also find that touching each other's hands or feet, especially the area between the fingers or toes, works well. Many men and women also find that stimulating the anus is very sensual. In fact, there are also sexually sensitive zones inside the body, such as the rectum or G-spot. In short, keep the spirit of exploration and keep discovering the sensitive parts of yourself or your partner.

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  • Sexual sensitivity zone varies from person to person

Each person's sexual sensitivity zone is like a different map of the body, varying from person to person, so you have to keep exploring the terrain to get a clear picture of it. Stimulating a certain area works for one person, but may not work for others.

  • Caressing interactive communication is the key

You can try a variety of strokes to discover the sensitivity of each other's body parts. Some areas may be fine with light finger strokes, while others require vigorous rubbing. It takes patience to experiment with the methods of stimulating sensitive areas and to be aware of your partner's reaction.


  • The methods can be varied

There are many ways to stimulate sexually sensitive areas, not just limited to the hands. For example, stroking your partner's eyelids won't feel like much, but kissing some with moist lips may be more enjoyable. Don't be in a hurry to get your hands on each other, you can explore each other's body parts with your mouth or any props you can use.


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