How to maintain the health of women's breasts in life

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Wearing lingerie not only prevents embarrassment for women with flat and large breasts, but also prevents sagging. Giving your breasts freedom before bedtime is the most essential care for breasts that have been bound all day.

Do not wear underwear have these benefits

1, do not wear underwear can promote blood circulation, for most women, underwear is binding, poor breathing, blood does not work, shoulder pain ...... In short, a lot of discomfort, home in a hurry to take off.

Wearing ill-fitting underwear, back pain, neck pain,, breathing difficulties, poor blood circulation, will also naturally occur. So then, for your own health, wear it long enough during the day, and try to take it off at night during rest time. Let your breasts relax, and you can also massage them properly before going to bed to promote blood circulation.


2, do not wear underwear can make people feel better, off is for what? Not to free yourself! What is the feeling of taking off the bra? That is the unparalleled pleasure, from the body to the mind! More unhappiness, in the moment of taking off the underwear also turned into nothing.

3, not wearing underwear is more likely to check for disease, so close to the breast, in fact, is a very good opportunity for you to self-examination. Self-examination is very important, this goes without saying, many breast diseases have a latent period, if found early, you can treat it early.

When is the healthiest time for women to take off their bras?

Enjoy sleep with the healthiest bras off

Give your breasts freedom before going to bed. 8 hours of sleep to give your breasts 8 hours of smooth blood flow is the most essential care for breasts that are bound for the day. Compact lingerie is needed to create a sophisticated professional woman's image at the weekend PARTY, in an office that requires the support of lingerie without straps, but when you are at home on the weekend, please give back the original look of your breasts and let me stay in the most comfortable way. Experts recommend at least one day a week with bare breasts for breast health benefits.

How do I take care of my breasts?

1, bras can not be too tight, some women wear tighter bras in order to squeeze out the cleavage, such a choice is not good, too tight bras compress the chest, affecting the blood circulation in the chest.

2, strengthen the exercise of the chest muscles, maintain the correct body posture, usually pay attention to the massage of the chest, swimming or breast expansion exercise is also very useful for breast health.

3, keep a happy mood, the usual breast maintenance lies in keeping a happy mood, maintain good habits, regular checkups, bath time can massage, eat some vitamin food and trace elements. Drinking coffee will also affect the health of the breast. Anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken casually.

4, nutrition in moderation, adolescent women can not unilaterally pursue the beauty of the curve and blind diet, partial diet, moderate intake of protein food, increase the amount of fat in the chest, to maintain breast fullness. You can increase the intake of protein and the right amount of fat, so that the subcutaneous fat of the breast increases, the breast will also be significantly developed, which can strengthen nutrition.

In addition, foods containing various vitamins and vegetables, etc., and moderate intake of protein foods can increase the amount of fat in the breasts and make them plump. Live a regular life and keep a happy mood during your period . Do not take medicine indiscriminately.

5, chest health, mainly to strengthen the chest muscle exercise, appropriate chest expansion exercises and push-ups, chest expansion health operation, etc.