How to Properly Store Your Intimate Toys and 10 Ingenious Hiding Spots

Properly Store Your Intimate Toys

When it comes to your beloved intimate toys, do you simply toss them into your nightstand drawer without a second thought? While this might seem convenient in the moment, it's actually not the best practice for keeping your pleasure tools in optimal condition. Fear not – storing your intimate toys is a breeze, and doing it right will ensure they stay in pristine condition for countless enjoyable encounters.

And hey, we understand the importance of privacy too! So, along with the golden rules of toy storage, we've compiled a list of 10 creative hiding spots that guarantee your intimate treasures stay your little secret.

The Golden Rule of Storing Intimate Toys

First things first – the golden rule of owning any intimate toy is proper cleaning. Always make sure to clean your toys before and after each use. But don't stop there; for storage, take it a step further and ensure your toys are not just clean, but also completely dry. Why is this rule so important? Storing damp or dirty toys can lead to bacterial buildup, affecting both the toy's quality and, more importantly, your health. Skin irritation or infections could be the unwanted result of neglecting this simple but crucial step.

Now that you're well-versed in the golden rule of storing intimate toys, let's explore the two most popular and effective ways to safely keep your pleasure tools:

Store Your Intimate Toys in Special Bags

Some toys come with their own specially designed storage bags, which take the guesswork out of finding the right size and material for your toys. But even if your toy didn't come with one, fret not. Satin bags or drawstring organza bags work just as well.

Store Your Intimate Toys in Storage Boxes

If your collection boasts larger toys or accessories, storage boxes are an excellent choice. Think clear plastic storage bins for easy access and a clear view of your items. These boxes are a secure and discreet way to organize your intimate toys and sexual wellness products.

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10 Secret Hiding Spots for Your Intimate Toys

Privacy is paramount, and we get that. Even if you're using storage bags or boxes, sometimes it's essential to keep nosy folks at bay. Here are 10 ingenious hiding spots that not only offer security but also make your intimate toys almost impossible to find:

Under the Bed

Conceal your toys in an inconspicuous case or bag among old clothes or other unexciting items. It's a realm of mystery unlikely to be explored.

Adult Toy UV Sanitiser Case

These compact cases are not only for sanitizing but also perfect for storing your toys. Some are specifically designed for toy storage, ensuring both cleanliness and discretion.

Storage Furniture

Ottomans or other storage furniture can house your intimate toys, particularly larger items like BDSM gear. An accent piece can divert attention, offering an extra layer of secrecy.

Stored Away Luggage

Empty luggage offers ample space for storage, and high shelves or closets can provide an added layer of concealment.


Shoeboxes can double as discreet storage. Add tissue paper or surround the box with inconspicuous items for added camouflage.

Inside Socks & Underwear Drawer

Slip your small toys inside socks or underwear and place them at the back of your drawer. Be mindful if others tend to organize your socks!

Inside a Tissue Box

Store a toy inside a tissue box in your bedside drawer, further hidden by placing insignificant items on top.

Secret Pocket Inside a Handbag

Many purses come with a secret pocket within the lining – ideal for discreetly stashing smaller toys.

Inside a Tampon Box

An empty tampon box provides a secure hiding spot, especially effective if you live with nosy roommates or family members.

Inside a Stuffed Animal

If you're a fan of stuffed animals, look for ones with hidden compartments – the perfect place for your personal items.

And there you have it – a concise guide to storing your intimate toys in the best possible way while maintaining ultimate discretion. Enjoy your explorations with confidence and creativity!