How to role play in bed? Teach you to immerse yourself quickly

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Many people may have envisioned role-playing scenarios countless times in their minds, but in real life and shy away from trying!

About role-playing, some experts say that anyone who wants to try can use their imagination to create interesting scenarios for a role-play, but role-playing is never what you think it is, a simple change of costume can be substituted into the role!

How to role-play in bed, the newbie guide is in place, please pay attention to check!

Why do some people like to role-play?

In fact, everyone has been involved in various "role plays" since childhood:

When I was a kid, I was playing house, holding the shield of Captain America "save the world", dressed as Barbie to the prom ......

When we grow up, although some careers are impossible to achieve in our lifetime, we can still give ourselves this identity in our fantasy world.

Role-playing represents a certain need and desire within you; simply put, it's about tapping into something deep inside you that you don't know about.

In clinical therapy in psychology, role-playing is a type of therapy, also known as psychodrama. Role-playing in bed" is to turn an ordinary double bed into a playground for the imagination to run free.

Simple role-playing can help you explore your fantasies, get rid of sexual repression and give you more confidence in bed.

For couples, adding role-playing to your sex life is an intimate experience that allows you to better understand each other's fantasies and engage in each other's spiritual worlds.

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How to get your significant other to play the role for you?

Communication beforehand, in order to make this game go smoothly, we need to do a good job of communication in advance to ensure that the other party with, if forced, it is easy to cause the other party to have negative emotions, communicate the behavior and language that is not acceptable to each other, to avoid stepping on the other side of the bottom line loss of sexual interest.

Positioning roles, such as gentle and considerate stewardesses, naughty and cute rabbit girl, personality full of female secretaries, etc.. And with the help of some uniforms or small props can be very good to infect the atmosphere, plus a few informative lines, and naturally into the scene.

In fact, there are two types of role-playing:

One is only the role does not need to act, it is very simple ~ even if you have never had cosplay experience, as long as you wear the character's clothes, even if nothing is done, there will be an unexpected effect.

The other is to have both characters and plot, slightly more difficult ~ but as long as you find the right way, newcomers can easily get started

Let's choose a script that works for you

Think back to the colorful dreams you once had, the fantasy images in your head when you DIY, the movie scenes you like ...... remove the completely impractical parts, the rest of the plot can be expressed according to your own understanding.

If you really can't think of one, you can also choose one of the following classic scripts ~ these are the stories I made up. Your brain must be much more interesting than mine, right?

  • You and your partner pretend not to know each other and have a romantic encounter in a cafe/bar
  • Pretend to be a bunny girl/bartender with a tray of drinks in hand and ask the customer (partner) what service they want
  • Pretend you are a student and the teacher (partner) keeps you after school to correct your homework
  • You are a model and need a private photo shoot with your photographer (partner) today
  • The house plumbing is broken, the repairman (partner) comes to fix it and asks you to pay

Here is another tip will make you play less easy, that is, try to choose close to the reality of the story, otherwise too professional props and costumes may make you feel difficult to substitute for the scene.

Choose a dress that you both like

The "battle suit" is extremely important in the game. Even if you have been "bedridden" for a long time, when you suddenly appear in front of the other side wearing combat clothes, his eyes will have a second to light up.

Please note that you do not need to buy expensive clothes. The quality is good enough that you can play 2-3 times. After all, you will get tired of the same game.

Beginners can start with some basic models, such as maids, stewardesses, nurses, sailor uniforms, which can never go wrong.

Put on a combat suit, say a few words that fit the character design, and a simple character image is formed.

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Confidence, relaxation, immersion

Actors need a "sense of faith" to act, and we need that same "sense of faith" to play our roles. You need to believe that you are the character you are playing, and try to concentrate on yourself.

For example, you play the president and the affair today, then you can constantly give yourself the psychological implication: I am a civilian girl married to a president.

Of course, you have to be prepared to fail. It's common to not be able to hold back the scene and laugh halfway through the role play.

If you feel that the story does not go on, you can change the plot and characters to continue. No matter what the plot is, as long as you can get pleasure from it, it is a successful cosplay.

Just like acting, a role-playing process also requires someone to act as a "director", responsible for the direction of the plot and the regulation of the atmosphere, so that the game will be more realistic, and easier to carry on

Set safe word

The safe word setting prevents you from doing something that makes the other person uncomfortable while you are playing.

The word can't be one you use often. If you yell when you're uncomfortable, the game will stop immediately.

Finally, don't forget to "rewind" at the end of the episode to talk about how the two of them behaved this time, how they felt differently than usual, how they made each other happier, etc.