How to say titillating dirty words in bed

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I don't know if you've seen the British drama "sex education", in which Mr. Colin's sex has never felt right. He and his ambiguous female teacher are always looking for the secret to unlocking great sex.

Finally, in an accident, it turns out that the other person likes to have dirty talk during sex.

Try to recall if you and your partner have ever had a conversation during sex that

I want it / Don't stop / Your cock is so good / Little slut / ......

If a few words like those in the film can get you sexually aroused, then you might like Dirty Talk.

When making love, some Dirty Talk that is just the right scale and provocative can not only provoke both partners, but also make the sexual journey more exciting and wonderful.

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The charm of Dirty talk

Dirty talk includes, but is not limited to, erotic innuendo, erotic jokes, sexual commands, erotic descriptions, nicknames, etc...

Many people like to have Dirty talk during sex because the taboo-breaking pleasure and contrast is really fascinating~

On a physiological level, Dirty talk helps because the brain is the largest sexual organ in our body.

To explain it more deeply, there is an area of the brain called the insula, which is a small area but is the emotional control centre of the brain and can be used to control feelings and emotions.

When the brain receives Dirty talk, the insula is activated and responds with arousal, thus achieving a sexual aid effect.

So many intelligent players do not need to engage in physical or sexual organ touching, but can reach orgasm through verbal stimulation alone, showing the importance of the brain during sex.

In sex, as soon as you say dirty words, the tension of ambiguity and eroticism reaches its maximum, even if your sexual skills are not particularly good, but dirty words well said, can make people excited, orgasm may be in a moment ~

Aside from the physical excitement that comes from the island of the brain, there is a taboo-breaking, contrarian charm to swearing.

The things you don't dare to say, or even can't say... These are the moments when you can let loose and be wild!

Of course, the premise is that both parties have communicated beforehand, so don't just say whatever you want.

There is also a need to be clear about each other's boundaries when it comes to swearing, and some words that degrade the other person and are abusive to the body parts need to be explicitly forbidden.

You can also set up safe words that you can say to call off immediately if one of you feels uncomfortable or unacceptable.

All pleasure has to be harmless, respectful and voluntary so that it can be truly enjoyed in all its beauty.

The point of dirty talk is not dirty but in talking

I'm sure the most common thing many people say or hear when talking dirty is: "What's a little bitch pretending to be innocent, fuck"...

While there is no denying that there will be some people who enjoy these, many more, including myself, feel violated and insulted.

We think the point of Dirty talk is to be Dirty, the simpler and more brutal the better, but in fact swearing doesn't really enhance the mood or the pleasure.

The focus and the appeal of Dirty talk is talk, words are magic and pleasure between the sexes is not just between the legs but also between the ears.

Some more examples for you: "Baby, I feel so good, you can fuck me harder~", "Your body is so beautiful, I really want to fuck you hard..."

You can confidently compare and distinguish which will give you a sense of forbidden shame, arousal, without feeling insulted, and a stupidly pleasurable tease.

We tell each other how we feel or how we crave more by saying it in a more seductive and attractive way.

Dirty talk is in fact a form of communication, where words that normally cannot be shown and a side full of desire and wildness are expressed, allowed and accepted during sex in a way that is enjoyed by all.

Those slightly harsh little swear words, said with a moan during sex, make you blush and swoon.

When you use more ground-breaking words, in a bolder way, and speak truthfully about your feelings, both you and the other person can feel more novelty and excitement during sex.

You say a word, he says a word, in a back and forth, the eroticism gradually builds up. When the love is deep, it can be extended from moaning to having a simple statement, from one or two words to a sentence, it will not seem so deliberate, it will be natural, it will be watered down~

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Practical dirty words quotes

Honestly, if you're someone who usually reads a lot of erotica, then Dirty talk will be a piece of cake for you. But some people say that I read it too, but I can't really put it into practice. It's okay, take your time.

The easiest thing is actually to describe how you feel: "Go on, I'm enjoying this", "It's so comfortable", "I love making love to you so much", " Your body is so beautiful, I want to..."

Don't feel that you will be embarrassed, describe your true feelings and convey them to each other, this is already the best aphrodisiac.

You can also describe the state: "Deeper", "What should I do, I can't hold back any longer", "There it is, it's at the top"...

Of course, the more dominant ones can give the command: "Turn around, I want to fuck you behind your back", "Louder, I like to hear your voice", "No stopping"...

I'm sure you'll be able to learn from your mistakes!

Of course, don't just talk about Dirty talk, you can also use nibbles, gasps, strokes and compliments at the right time! Make the sex colourful, sincere and passionate.

Dirty talk is taboo-breaking, and the wild sexual fantasies that lie deep within us are unleashed in a dirty talk.

Dirty talk is full of contrasts; the man who usually seems so gentle and abstinent can become "savage and dominant" in bed.

When we're talking dirty, we're not just adding to the sex, we're revealing a little more of ourselves to each other, and we're getting closer to the real each other.

When we are able to fully present our most authentic self to each other and receive a positive response and cooperation, you will feel an unparalleled sense of trust and acceptance.

And these are feelings that are more pleasurable and meaningful than the swear words themselves.