How to Stay Sexually Interested When You're Separated


Whether you find yourself in a long-distance relationship that's lasted for years or you're facing temporary physical separation due to various circumstances, the challenges of being apart from your partner can be draining. However, the absence of physical proximity doesn't have to translate to a hiatus in your sexual connection. In fact, there are numerous ways to maintain excitement in your sex life even when you're separated from your partner. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the effective use of technology.

Engage in sexting regularly, and don't hold back.

Sending your partner steamy messages every day can help maintain the excitement in your sex life. However, sexting doesn't have to be limited to just texts and photos. I suggest taking it up a notch by sending voice notes and sound clips to make the sexting experience even more thrilling.

Consider sharing voice recordings of your intimate moments or describing in explicit detail what you desire your partner to do to you. These alternatives can be incredibly arousing and add a new dimension to your sexting routine.

Give phone sex a shot as well.

While it might seem like a nostalgic activity, couples in long-distance relationships can benefit from its revival. Engaging in dirty talk over the phone, without the aid of visuals, allows your imaginations to run wild. You and your partner can create vivid scenarios that exist solely in your minds. Describe how you want your partner to pleasure themselves, narrate the enticing lingerie you could be wearing, and paint a sensuous mental picture.

If you feel a bit shy about dirty talk, remember that practice makes perfect. Try practicing dirty talk in front of a mirror to become more comfortable with the language. Creating a safe, non-judgmental space with your partner when trying it out together can also help you build confidence.

If you're struggling with roleplay, start with your own experiences and memories. Talking through past sensual encounters with your partner can provide you with material to build upon and imagine while you explore this exciting aspect of your sexual connection.

Explore roleplay and fantasies through video chatting.

Video chatting offers a fantastic platform for diving into various roleplay scenarios and exploring your deepest fantasies. Whether you've ever fantasized about engaging in a private session with a cam performer or sharing in the intimacy of mutual masturbation over FaceTime, this medium can bring your desires to life.

It's essential to communicate openly with your partner about your fantasies, preferences, and what you both would like to explore. This ensures that you're both comfortable and on the same page, making the experience enjoyable and exciting.

Surprise each other with sensual gifts sent by mail.

Sending erotic items like sex toys, lubricants, suggestive photos, and more can break the monotony of your partner's daily mail filled with bills and Amazon packages. As an extra sensual touch, consider sending each other used panties and underwear.

To add an even more titillating element, you can masturbate while wearing the panties, capture the moment on tape, and then send the used undergarments to your partner. This way, they can enjoy your scent while envisioning you in a state of arousal.

Of course, sending affectionate love notes via traditional mail can be equally delightful and serve as a touching way to express your feelings for each other. Choose what appeals most to your desires and relationship dynamics.

Remote Sex

Engage in a seductive game via text or video call

like a naughty version of "Never Have I Ever." Playing a simple sex game can ignite excitement between you and your partner, making your hearts race.

To get started, connect through a trusted video platform where you can easily see each other. You can take turns or give simultaneous instructions, such as "slowly drip cool water on your breasts/chest," "use your middle finger with gentle pressure to tease your clitoris until I say stop," or "grab your favorite vibrator and tease yourself." Watching your partner's reactions to your instructions can be incredibly arousing and provide you both with ideas for your next in-person encounter.

Create a collaborative sex bucket list. If you're in a long-distance relationship, consider drafting a sex bucket list that outlines all the desires and experiences you wish to explore together.

Encourage both partners to contribute their desires and fantasies to this list. Keeping it on a password-protected Google Doc allows you both to add to it whenever inspiration strikes, fostering anticipation and excitement for future encounters.

Read the same sexually charged book or indulge in erotica together

Embarking on the journey of reading the same book while physically apart can be a thrilling and unique way to maintain a deep connection. Exploring erotic literature together can lead to passionate and steamy conversations.

Sync up your reading schedules and discuss the book during virtual date nights, creating a virtual book club experience. Share newfound knowledge, insights, and revelations about your own sexual experiences that the book has brought to light. Ask your partner about their desires and what they would like you to remember most from the book in the context of your relationship.

Treat yourself to a partner-controlled toy

Thanks to technology, sex toys have become more interactive and enjoyable than ever before. Consider investing in one of the latest sex toys equipped with apps that enable one partner to control the speed and rhythm of the other partner's intimate moments. Many of these partner-controlled toys are long-distance-friendly and discreet enough to be worn and operated beyond the confines of the bedroom.

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, especially in times of uncertainty, but with the help of technology and some creative thinking, your sexual connection doesn't have to suffer.