Incorporate sex toys perfectly into your couple's games

Incorporate sex toys into your couple's games

Sex toys often face unwarranted criticism. Some individuals fear that using them may diminish their ability to reach orgasm through other means or that they might become dependent on them (which is not the case). Building on these misconceptions, some view sex toys as a threat, something that could potentially replace them in intimate relationships. Others consider sex toys a last resort, only to be turned to when a couple's sex life is struggling.

In reality, sex toys are tools, no different from any other tool in your arsenal of intimacy. They offer a multitude of possibilities. You can use them to explore your body, uncover the pleasure points that drive your desires, and later share that knowledge with your partner(s). They can provide a quick and easy path to orgasm when you're alone. Additionally, they serve as a means of stress relief, releasing tension in the body and perhaps aiding in falling asleep more easily.

Moreover, they can add a delightful element to your partner play, spicing things up. It's crucial to remember that sex toys aren't a substitute for sexual intimacy; they are an additional source of stimulation that can enhance your existing intimate experiences.

So, how can you make the most of them?

Ignite Your Desire

If you find yourself slow to arouse, or your desire is a bit on the lower side, using a toy can help kickstart your passion.

You can do this on your own, perhaps by unwinding with a clitoral vibrator or a penis sleeve before inviting your partner into the bedroom. (I actually tried this last night: "Hey! Honey! My libido is back! Care to join the fun?")

Alternatively, you can engage with your partner in a shared experience, gradually building up the heat before reaching the boiling point. One method I enjoy for this is using a remote control wearable toy . I discreetly place a bullet vibrator into my undergarments, hand the remote to my spouse, and we enjoy a relaxed evening of Netflix and chill without losing track of the movie.

(Although, to be honest, it can be quite challenging to stay entirely focused on the film!)

Incorporate sex toys into your couple's games

The Highlighted Features

Several sex toys have been specifically designed for couples, offering exciting possibilities for your intimate play.

You can introduce a c-ring, whether vibrating or not, during penetrative intercourse. This can extend your partner's endurance, providing the potential for a longer-lasting erection, and it might also offer you some extra clitoral stimulation.

Another option is to use a textured, open-ended pleasure sleeve during penetrative intercourse. This allows you to experiment with varying depths while simultaneously providing pleasure to the wearer. Some sleeves even serve as extenders, enhancing both length and girth for added stimulation to both partners. Beyond the physical aspects, these sleeves can be particularly helpful for those dealing with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

For a change of pace, consider trying a strap-on. There are strapless options available, featuring curved, insertable bulbs for secure positioning, as well as more traditional strap-ons that stay in place with the help of boxer briefs.

Any Toy Can Be a Shared Pleasure

Apart from specific couple's toys, virtually any sex toy can become a delightful addition when used together with your partner(s)! For instance, try having your partner enter from behind in positions like the reverse chair, spooning, or doggy style, allowing ample space for incorporating a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Alternatively, indulge in the 69 position, switching between oral sex and the use of a sex toy to pleasure each other. You can also embrace the cowgirl position, with the person on top wielding a clitoral vibrator or a suction toy.

And don't limit the pleasure to just the genital area. Vibrations or suction stimulation can also provide exquisite sensations on the nipples, the mons pubis, the inner thighs, the perineum, and beyond. The possibilities are boundless!

How do you prefer to introduce sex toys into your intimate relationships? Experiment with your favorite toy to explore new erogenous zones or consider expanding your collection with the information provided above!