Is this the kind of sexual experience women look forward to?

Is this the kind of sexual experience women look forward to? - officialtherosetoy

I recently discussed a somewhat shy topic with a few of my female friends.
What is the best sexual experience in your memory.
There are many different opinions, but almost without exception, and men's time, skills, posture does not have a great deal to do with.
When people recall intimate experiences, they tend to think more about the scene, their state of mind, etc.
One of the friends said that although she had been married to her husband, then boyfriend, for many years, the best memory was not the night of the wedding, nor the first time, but one time when she traveled with him. The view from the window was stunning, the mood was relaxed, and he was very gentle.
The sunset reflects on the man and woman embracing each other
She said, even, still remember the color of the curtains, the color of the sheets, what was said, what was eaten, what expression, etc., but not remember the position ......

It is evident that women do not care much about the posture, but more about the scene.
Most men get it wrong, thinking that time or skill is most important, so they study and practice  various pornographic movies. In fact, it is putting the cart before the horse.

A man even seven times a night, do not understand the needs of the woman's heart, but only her bedmate, not a lover.

Seven times body bump, not as good as a soul exchange.

Men care more about quantity.

Women care more about quality.
Man sitting on the sofa with a woman in his arms
If a man wants to make a woman satisfied, pleasurable and memorable, he should pay attention to what a woman needs and expects, and provide her with a full range of love experience, from whether the sheets she likes, to whether his mouth is clean, whether she likes to pillow his arm, etc. Instead of being immersed in your own world
What do women need and expect?
Love for women often means being loved.
Women expect to feel loved, to be valued.
A wonderful sexual experience, full of the taste of love, not just the taste of sexual desire.
But where a woman can experience being valued, cherished, warm and loving, the experience will not be bad.
When traveling, it is often not bad.
Relaxation, awakening numbed nerves feeling good, feeling warmth;
Romantic, neat, and even gorgeous environment, filled with a sense of ceremony, solemn and serious.
Why men set a gorgeous and comfortable big hotel, in Valentine's Day is more likely to courting success?
Why do women care so much about the wedding bed and wedding room?
Why do men who have experience in flirting with girls always have to enter the room with a woman will invite her to sip a little wine?
Give each intimacy, a little solemn sense of ceremony.
Sex is the ritual of love.
Sexual ability, the essence is the ability to love.