Is Your Sex Drive Higher Than Usual? We Are Helping Here

Is Your Sex Drive Higher Than Usual? We Are Helping Here - officialtherosetoy

It’s natural for the human body to fluctuate when it comes to hormones or libido. Hence, your sex drive seems to be higher than usual that goes for days, weeks, to months, or even years. So, there’s nothing to be worried about when you’ve got a high sex drive

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  • What’s the ‘normal’ level of libido?
  • So, what makes you think it is ‘high?’
  • Any reason to cause that sudden surge?
  • So, when is it an actual problem?

What’s the ‘normal’ level of libido?

Sorry to pop that sweet, little bubble, but if you want to know if there’s universal measuring baseline for libido — there’s none. That said, if you want to set your ‘normal’ baseline libido level, feel free to do so. And when you set your ‘normal,’ there’s a huge range that comes to play, as there are so many factors to consider when it comes to your libido level. Some of these factors include your schedule, age, mood, stress, anxiety, medications, sleep, relationship status, etc. 

So, what makes you think it is ‘high?’

Nothing, really! You can never actually assume you’ve got a higher libido. You may think it is high when you question yourself, “Did I feel this horny last year?” “Why am I desiring sex so much? This isn’t normal for me” “Why is my sex drive higher than my partner’s?” 

Any reason to cause that sudden surge?

Is nothing fulfilling your sex drive? These might be the causes of the sudden surge.

Lower stress levels

You might’ve heard “when one thing goes down, another thing goes up.” No? Maybe I just made it up. Well, you have definitely heard of ‘vacation sex.’ That’s a real thing and that happens a lot, because your stress levels are at an all-time low during a vacation.

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Good sex

You can thank your hormones for this one. It is a known fact that when you have sex, and when it is too good, your body wants more of it. So, if you’re using a new sex toy that rocks your boat, or if you’ve been hooking up with someone new that knows to do all the right things, it’s only normal that you want to have sex often. 

That said, it is possible where a high libido can interfere with your life. But, as long as your professional and personal life, along with other responsibilities, aren’t affected, you’re good to go. So, just enjoy it, regardless of your age.

Plenty of exercises

Few people realize they want more sex when they break a lot of sweat. And it could be because of lower stress, better sleep, and improved confidence. 

Switched/stopped medications

There are a few antidepressants that can crush the libido levels. So, when you make adjustments to the medications or stop using them altogether (after talking to your healthcare provider), you may notice that you get back your libido that’s higher than ever. 

Menstrual cycle

Menstruating folks would know this better. During a certain time in your cycle, you go through a ‘horny’ phase. It could be before the cycle, during, or right after. So, most often, it’s just the hormones talking. So, don’t blame your partner for having a higher sex drive a few days in a month.

So, when is it an actual problem?

Oftentimes, it’s all in your head. It’s a problem when if you make it one. But, it is a real problem when your high libido is altering your behavior, or making you act a certain way that hinders your life. 

Let’s say, you may be skipping your work or taking more breaks than usual to ‘relieve’ yourself, or you may casually cheat on your partner because you feel sexually insatiable. And then sometimes you either indulge in frisky behavior or blow up your savings on multiple sex toys. This is when you must consult with a sex therapist or a mental healthcare pro. They’ll whip up a plan or two to help with your problem.