Masturbation precautions, you are clear?

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In order for you to have a better and healthier masturbation experience, these "masturbation" considerations should also be taken seriously. We have today divided the male part of the female part, we can forward each other to partners to see ~



Most of the masturbation of girls is to stimulate sensitive parts with hands or other toys. Due to the peculiarities of their physiological structure, girls masturbating need to pay particular attention to the following points: attention to cleanliness and protect vaginal health

Girls usually use their fingers and small toys to masturbate, but if they are not adequately cleaned and disinfected, foreign pathogens can come into direct contact with your vagina and urethra, leading to inflammation or urinary tract infections.

However, with good cleaning, you can avoid this trouble altogether.

Carefully rinse and sterilize your fingers and utensils beforehand, and if you're still unsure, you can prepare "finger gloves" for cleanliness and hygiene!

Douching your vulva afterwards and peeing in time to flush out the bacteria in your urethra and keep your lower body clean will also help you maintain your health.

2.masturbation also need foreplay arousal

Foreplay, not only important in sex, is also essential when masturbating. Especially when you try a small inserted toy for the first time, direct insertion not only does not experience pleasure, but also may be injured.

Doing foreplay and awakening your desire will help you relax physically and mentally, and enough glandular fluid production, or using lubricant, will also make the little toy enter more smoothly.

You can dim the lights, light scented candles, create a comfortable, safe and romantic atmosphere, then pick a few of your favorite adult movies and gradually grope your body with the gasps of the movie. Think of masturbation as an intimate with yourself, it will enhance your experience a lot~

3.use the tools to get twice the result with half the effort

If you explore on your own and are slow to get started, you can start by buying a small, affordable and useful toy to get started and then gradually progress.

Newcomers can start with toys that stimulate the clitoris and vulva and work their way up.

For women with partners, there are also sex toys with remote control features that allow you to play with your partner for even more excitement.

Remember that it must be a reliable sex toy purchased in the regular way.

Never buy cheap and poor quality products, or the toy may happen to leak, difficult to remove and other embarrassing and painful scenes.


Masturbation attention to the appropriate degree

Masturbating too often can lead to prostatitis.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Prostatitis generally manifests itself in the form of lower body pain, abnormal urination, and decreased desire.

If you suspect that you have prostatitis, you must not be embarrassed to seek medical attention and self-medication, but you must go to the hospital.

2.improve the threshold of pleasure, the critical moment hard not up

The pleasure from masturbation is always simple and brutal, and over-frequent masturbation will gradually get you used to fast and intense stimulation, raising the threshold of pleasure. Thus, when you are actually having sex you may need longer and more intense stimulation to achieve a normal erection.

But you male players don't have to worry too much.

As long as you abstain from sex for a while and control the frequency of masturbation, your body will gradually recover and get a normal erection during sex.

There is also the cold knowledge that if you abstain from sex for a long time, it may also lead to erection difficulties. So, whether it's masturbation or sex, it's recommended that you release it regularly for the best pleasure and health.

3.using regular tools, more exciting and safer

It is often seen in the news that guys have used improper tools resulting in penis damage, and others will go to the doctor for bizarre items in their anus.

It should be reminded that foreign bodies can cause obstruction of the urethra or bladder neck, which may lead to difficulty in urination and corresponding urinary tract infections, and in severe cases, urinary stones.

It is recommended that you buy professional airplane cups, not only to free your hands and ensure the safety of the masturbation process, but also to feel a more exciting, compound pleasure.

In fact, people often like to focus on the negative side of things, not able to see the main and secondary contradictions of things very well, the next to help popularize the advantages of masturbation::

  • Masturbation can prevent pelvic floor deficits. The strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, which are often enhanced when having a strong orgasm, not only helps with childbirth but also prevents pelvic floor deficits such as urinary incontinence and visceral prolapse.
  • Masturbation strengthens resistance to heart disease as well as type 2
  • Masturbation helps with sleep. Women produce increased oxytocin and endorphins after orgasm, which helps the body relax and calm and thus helps with sleep.