Masturbation Tips for Your Period

Masturbation Tips for Your Period

The body's natural rhythms don't stop with menstruation. While some people may not enjoy sexual activity during menstruation, many find that their desires not only do not disappear, but even increase. It is important to recognize that the instinct to masturbate during menstruation is not only safe, but also healthy. In fact, for some people, masturbation can even alleviate menstrual discomfort. To help you navigate this experience with confidence and pleasure, we have provided some insights and suggestions for you to consider.

Is Masturbation Safe During Your Period?

Masturbating during your period is not only safe but also a pathway to healthy exploration. John affirms that there's no evidence suggesting that it's unsafe, and research even points to its benefits. Your hormone levels undergo changes during this time, influencing sexual desire for many individuals. Embracing this shift through masturbation is a beautiful way to honor your body's natural tendencies.

Addressing the Benefits of Period Masturbation

Enhanced Orgasms: Period-related blood flow to the pelvic area can heighten sensitivity, potentially leading to more intense orgasms for some individuals.

Stress Reduction: Masturbation and orgasm trigger the release of oxytocin and counteract the stress hormone cortisol, helping to alleviate stress.

Improved Sleep: Studies indicate that having an orgasm before bedtime can enhance sleep quality and accelerate the onset of sleep. This can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with period-related fatigue.

Can Masturbation Help with Period Symptoms?

Yes, engaging in sexual activity, whether solo or with a partner, can alleviate pain through the release of endorphins. As a result, many individuals use masturbation to minimize the discomfort associated with period cramps.


Top 12 Tips for Masturbating During Your Period

Utilize a Sex Blanket: Worried about potential stains? A sex blanket can absorb liquids, providing a worry-free experience. Afterward, simply rinse it and toss it in the laundry.

Consider a Period Sponge or Disc: For minimal mess, opt for a period sponge or disc placed high in the vagina to allow for penetration without creating a mess.

Explore the Shower: Indulge in shower-based pleasure to enjoy a private experience with easy cleanup. Waterproof toys can enhance the experience.

Focus on Clitoral Stimulation: Opt for clitoral stimulation while wearing a tampon or menstrual cup for a mess-free option.

Discover Anal Stimulation: Anal play can offer an alternative source of pleasure during your period.

Enjoy Over-the-Clothes Stimulation: Use a vibrator over your clothes or underwear for a pleasurable experience without needing to change a pad immediately.

Embrace Natural Lubrication: Period masturbation offers heightened natural lubrication, enhancing pleasure.

Use Lubricant: For lighter flow days, lubricant is essential to prevent discomfort or friction caused by sticky blood.

Prepare Clean-Up Tools: Keep wipes or an old towel nearby to minimize mess and streamline clean-up.

Overcome Stigma: Dispel any lingering stigma related to period masturbation by acknowledging its normalcy and granting yourself permission to enjoy it.

Explore Your Body: Given the changes during your period, explore different positions, sensations, and toys to discover what feels good for you.

Prioritize Enjoyment: Above all, prioritize pleasure and enjoyment. Masturbation is an act of self-care, regardless of the time of the month.

Incorporating self-pleasure into your period experience can be a liberating and enjoyable choice. As you embrace this aspect of your sexuality, keep these expert tips in mind for a satisfying and fulfilling journey of self-discovery and pleasure.