Sexual life in afterplay is important? How to do afterplay?


What exactly should I do after sex? For men, after orgasm may have been the end, but for women, it's not!

Afterplay is the act of physical and emotional intimacy between partners after the "end" is reached, and you can think of it as the end of a sexual encounter.

But it does not have much to do with desire, afterplay is mainly used to help partners get mental satisfaction, because men and women in the "end" of the physical and psychological response is different, women tend to need more afterplay.

When entering the waning phase of sexual arousal, men will lose sexual interest, feel eased and relaxed and enter a period of inactivity within 5-10 seconds after ejaculation, under the effect of oxytocin and prolactin.


Women, on the other hand, face a much more complex situation than men.

On the one hand, it is possible that the woman is still sexually aroused while the man is no longer sexually aroused.

Female pelvic congestion remains and is only completely eliminated 4-6 hours after stopping sex; in addition there are 70% of women who never experience a vaginal orgasm, so it's not very easy to tell if they are truly satisfied physiologically or not. If there is a lack of afterplay, the effect on the man is not really significant, but it is likely to give the woman a feeling of being thrown in halfway.

On the other hand, after having an orgasm, women become more dependent on their partners under the effect of oxytocin, and women who are still very sensitive physically and psychologically look forward to intimate acts more than men do at this time.

According to a survey, nearly a third of women want their partners to cuddle them for 10 minutes after ending sex, and a quarter of women want their partners to ask them how they just felt.

Many times, the girl expects sex, not just sex, but the combination of sex and love. The neglected hug afterwards may turn into a "just a desire to vent" suspicion, the psychological gap is likely to make the girl have negative emotions, happiness will also go down the drain.

A perfect sex, "after play and foreplay" as indispensable. A good foreplay will heat up the lovemaking, and a good afterplay will also add to the love. The next time you make love, don't just stand there, try these perfect afterplay positions.

How much do you know about afterplay

1、Hold it in your arms

Most women love to cuddle with their partners after lovemaking, they curl up in the male's arms and are able to continue to experience the satisfaction and joy that comes from physical contact.

Likewise, men have the same need, which can give them the opportunity to continue to demonstrate the male power of men. Cuddling is the most conducive way for men and women to further deepen their relationship.


2、Chat with her

Pillow talk is the best time for both sexes to communicate, reminiscing with her about the wonderful feelings that have just passed, or talking about some topics between the two of them, can make the relationship heat up rapidly.

But be sure to find a topic that interests her. If you talk about games or work, there's a good chance you'll bore her.

3、Bathing with her

Help her cleanse and caress each other in a steaming hot bathroom. The hot water stimulates blood circulation and chases away fatigue. In a small space, you can create more romantic memories.

4、Give her a massage

Massage allows the two to continue to maintain physical contact and enjoy the wonderful feeling of skin-to-skin contact, but also to relieve her fatigue.

However, to be a considerate man, be careful not to stimulate her sensitive parts, which will break the warm and wonderful atmosphere, and most importantly, make her feel comfortable and safe.