Sexual warming | The 12 kissing styles you must learn in this life

Sexual warming | The 12 kissing styles you must learn in this life - officialtherosetoy

Stimulate the desire for each other!

Kissing is a way to express love between couples, not only can promote each other's feelings, but also let the body release endorphins to stimulate each other's sexual desire! Today I want to tell you 12 kinds of kisses that can make each other more eager to get each other, each kiss has a different meaning, so that the more you kiss the more intense feelings!

Head kissing

Gentle and lovely kisses are built on perfect trust and intimacy, which can make you feel pampered and protected by your partner and can deepen the emotional and physical intimacy.

Head kissing

Back of the hand kiss

Back of the hand kiss is a formal and polite way of kissing, usually the first meeting between strangers to be polite and respectful, but between men and women, but also when meeting with the object of your desire, to express appreciation but without losing courtesy of the kiss.

Air kissing

A social kiss that can be used when greeting or saying goodbye, or to convey affection

Cheek kissing

A popular European greeting, a light kiss on the cheek to express friendliness, can also be a way to tell someone you had a good time after a date with an ambiguous partner, but don't want to develop the kiss too quickly.

 forehead kisses

The forehead kiss is rich in compassion and warmth, allowing people to convey pure love in a non-sexual way, and people will save this kiss for their most precious people ~

Eskimo kiss

Grinding nose with each other, although there is no actual lip touch, but a very intimate way of kissing, whether looking into each other's eyes or closed eyes, you can feel each other's nostrils, making the heart beat faster, a flow of love in the body.

Single lip kissing

The most seductive kiss, is suitable as foreplay warm-up action, you lightly kiss his lower lip, he kissed your upper lip, lingering, more eager to each other ~

French kissing

The most passionate way to kiss during lovemaking, so that both sides of the stupid tongue in each other's lips and tongue to explore, so that people kissed to a surge of sexual desire!

Bite lips kissing

When kissing naughty bite lips or other parts like cheeks, jaw, neck, ears and other sensitive areas, will make the simple kiss become more exciting and interesting ~

Tongue kissing

Tongue kissing is an unconventional way of foreplay kissing, two people's tongues sensually intertwined, will make each other more sexually aroused, you should definitely try to see!

tongue kissing

neck kissing

The neck is an easy to ignore sensitive areas, full of delicate and sensitive nerve endings, will make sex exciting to the point of no return, so that foreplay becomes more fiery, especially women especially can not resist.

body kissing

In addition to the neck, in fact, the whole body is covered with sensitive nerves, including the chest, abdomen, limbs and so on, but everyone's preferences are different, you can first understand the parts of the partner like to be kissed, in order to stimulate each other's desire!