Should couples use erotic toys or not?

use sex toy

Human sexuality and love are not vulgar characters or behaviors, they are not trivial, they are sublime and important. The point is that sex and love are the first level of basic needs among the many human needs.

Studies have shown that over 70% of couples/couples break up because of sexual disharmony; even knowing that this problem is very common among couples, I was surprised to see this data.

Surveys have even found that 60-70% of women have never experienced an orgasm. This is extremely damaging to a marriage, and we can add a bit of interest with erotic toys to tease up each other's desire to have an orgasm together, isn't that good?
 Partners because they have been together for a long time, the passion fades, sex does not have any passion, and over time the freshness will be lost, then you can get some new tricks through the fun toys, so that each other are full of expectations, which not only can make the whole couple life fun flying, will also let the couple feelings warm up, the marriage is a very good protection.

So couples who are already getting pleasure from sex, do they still need erotic toys?

use sex toy

My answer is: still need, and it is recommended that men take the initiative to send girls erotic toys.

A man who buys male products may be for his own dignity and pleasure; but a man who is willing to take the trouble to buy female sex toys for his girlfriend/wife is definitely one in a hundred good boyfriends/husbands.

Why is that? The timing of sexual response and the cycle of sexual intercourse are different for men and women:

Men are like a plug on the light bulb, the sensation comes quickly and relatively easy to reach pleasure. And women? It is not too much to say that it needs to be "slow cooked"; women come more slowly, more, and many women can have several more orgasms at the end of one.

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Then in the preparation time, you can take out a small toy to do some foreplay, try to let her in the "appetizer" to eat as much as possible. In the process of the play, you can also use sex toys as an aid to deepen the feeling of pleasure; not only the girl is enjoying, the male is also enjoying, is not it?

Need to pay special attention to the female in the positive play to reach orgasm does not mean that can end, her sexual response is still going on! Although men have entered the fading and cooling off period, but if men end on the go, is tantamount to throwing the car at the highway exit on the off ...... this time, sex toys is the gospel of gay men ah. The icing on the cake, why not?