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SM Beginner's Guide | Sexual skills sharing - officialtherosetoy

The Fifty Shades of Grey series has drawn the attention of the general public to BDSM (a generic term for specific sexual preferences, including SM). After watching this work, some of you began to wonder if it was possible to incorporate SM elements into your sex life.

I went to the trouble of putting together a simple "Beginner's Guide to Mild SM" for fans to study. Fans who want to try mild SM curious but don't know how to start or are afraid to try it in their hearts, please read this article carefully, these basics are easy to understand and can take you to another world of sensuality.
 It looks painful, the picture discomfort! In fact, many SM props can be specially treated, such as low-temperature candles, the temperature is not high, but the fun. Light SM is a passionate game designed to bring each other closer and increase intimacy, but also some old couples to enhance and change the first choice of fun ...!



1. What is BDSM?

Bondage and discipline,dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

2. Relax your mind and understand the nature of SM.

It is a common understanding that light SM is "pleasure through injury", which is, of course, the essence of SM, but it requires mutual consent to perform. Beginners may be uncomfortable because of the slight pain, but pain does not dominate everything, light SM is a passionate, sensual behavior that can enhance mutual good feelings.

3. SM lovers are more than imagined

In reality, slight SM has many more fans than we think. However, SM seems to suffer from a lot of prejudice and distress. Unfortunately, some people think that mild SM is a and unusual behavior, I tell you clearly that it is a very normal thing, and there are many fans.

4. Communication is a prerequisite.

If one is interested in bringing/being handcuffed or spanked, why not go and communicate with the significant other? The fact is that SM comes in so many shapes and forms that it seems important to discuss it with your significant other first. What you want, you tell each other your inner fantasies and understandings, then listen to each other's suggestions and decide if it can be carried out, if there are differences, it will create mistrust and forcing it will only backfire.

5. Spending money can definitely pursue rituals.

Before you acquire expensive bondage clothes and props, look at the existing scene. Those who want to play bondage first check the closet for ties and belts, or try using soft bathrobes or pajama straps. If you try other scenes, the kitchen spatula can be used for spanking, ice for small punishments, of course, highly recommended to buy high value SM props on the market, so that not only pleasing to the eye, quality assurance, and more can increase the interest.

6. Beginning rope bondage, material of your choice.

In the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series, Gray uses silk rope, but the material can actually be experimented with depending on the adaptability of both parties. Rope is an essential prop for SM since ancient times. The normal impression of rope is rough texture, it is recommended to use high-quality nylon rope or silk, not much wear and tear on the skin, and much cheaper. The deprivation image of the partner's hands bound by the rope... This is a common factor in stimulating the sensitive nerves of SM lovers.

7. Beginners try erotic whips.

High heels stockings beautiful legs

If you want to buy a small whip, but do not know how to start, you can spend some time to learn more about it. The whip is a great help for SM games, and is one of the most common introductory props inside SM games. The whip easily reflects the desire to conquer and is perfect for beginners. There are high and low prices, first, it is best to buy cheap things, and then slowly buy expensive.

8. courage to try more

When you start doing something new, it is very important that it is comfortable. The premise is to trust your intuition about what your body wants and face it in a perfect mental state. For example, restraints, words, and props need to be tested over and over again so that they can be adjusted to the excellent experience of fun and the lubricant that enhances the maintenance of the relationship, commonly known as new fun.

9. Restraint is ignited

Being restrained means being fixed in a pose and being restricted to a specific movement. At first, you may feel scared, but the act of being at the mercy of others can actually be extra fun.


10. Tips for beginners

Submissive attitude: kneel down, hands tied behind your back and ankles tied up. Meanwhile, blindfolded, do whatever you want.

Star shape: Recommended pose for you to see everything you want. Secure the wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. By the way, bedroom restraint kits can all be purchased from the Internet.

Being confined to furniture: Tie your wrists to furniture such as a table, sofa or armchair so that you can't move freely. This can add more fun.
 12. In any case, aim to have fun.

The great thing about light SM is its endless possibilities to take pleasure to the next level, provided one can meet a partner who agrees and then enjoy the fun together. Sex should be an intimate pleasure, it is important to relax and enjoy, may your sex life be not only wonderful, but also full of love and joy.