Some interesting facts about moaning during sex

Some interesting facts about moaning during sex - officialtherosetoy

During sexual intercourse, some women will make different levels of grunts. Some men take pleasure in these cries and use the size of the sound as a criterion for judging a woman's sexual arousal. There are very few men who are openly disgusted by such cries.

But there are many people muttering in their hearts, only heard of prostitutes or sluts will shout in a wavy voice, how can a woman of good character scream out?

In fact, this is totally a prejudice or the result of lack of common sense. It is true that prostitutes deliberately shout and exaggerate their sexual reactions when they have intercourse with others. But this is just a professional technique, not a real pleasure. Other women are completely different from prostitutes, and the reason why they can scream is due to the pleasure they get when they reach orgasm, which is a completely natural expression of their feelings, not an artifice.

The moaning sound in sex, for both sides to enjoy the pleasure of spring have an incomparable role in stimulating. Especially women constantly use phrases and overlapping "exclamations", not only make men sound like a particularly pleasant music "accompaniment", but also will make men emotional uplift, accelerate the arrival of orgasm.

a women moaning during sex

In terms of physiology, there are two reasons why women grunt during sex.

The reason for the first point is because the oxygen content in the blood decreases when approaching or reaching orgasm. `

At this time, women will fall into a slight state of oxygen deprivation, and show a series of so-called "orgasm symptoms" such as eye disorientation, blurred vision, and mild body cramps. The oxygen content in the blood decreases and carbon dioxide increases, so the whistling is bound to speed up. The accelerated whistling a disorder, it will naturally emit the characteristic muffled screams during orgasm.

The second reason is that the "excitatory substances" in a woman's brain increase as she approaches orgasm.

About this "euphoric substance", people's knowledge of it is still very limited, but it is known that it can make people blurred consciousness, and has the effect of lifting the brain inhibitions. This effect can dilute a woman's sanity and make a scream that she can't even imagine. Some women are surprisingly ignorant of whether they have made a sound or not, afterwards. This shows that the screaming during sex is a completely spontaneous physiological phenomenon and has nothing to do with the moral character of women. The men who have had concerns and doubts about this can put their minds at ease.

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However, again, things cannot be generalized. People are certainly subject to physiological factors, but ultimately, they are subject to rational control. There are many women who do not make any sound during sex, which is the result of consciousness to strengthen control. So it can never be said that women who make a sound are loose by nature. But we can't help but see that a little sound is not issued by the women are mostly due to sexual repression is more serious, or more orthodox sexuality reasons. They either grew up in an environment where sex is strictly blocked, or they have been nurtured by the orthodox concept of sex, forming a strong sense of shame about sex, and in this regard also formed a proper self-possessed personality. It is not necessary to let them participate in the practice, is someone to talk about this topic, they will also be immediately ashamed to blush. This kind of women in the process of sexual contact, not to say that there is no pleasure, or pleasure, the impulse to scream, but also to try to suppress it.

There are also some women who make screams during sex that have little to do with physiological reasons and everything to do with their temperament. This kind of women tend to make great muffled screams, with a large false content, and accompanied by exaggerated sexual expression, modern scientific research has confirmed that most of these women have a hysterical character. They often have a strong desire to express their own existence, they will shout in order to get each other's attention and get more caresses. Such women also have a sudden desire to vent, shouting just as a means of venting.

Some people have pleasure but do not scream, some people do not have pleasure but loud screaming, the existence of these two women does not prove that screaming and human virtue have a connection, but it makes the argument that the louder the scream, the higher the degree of pleasure is not broken. According to the study, the size of the grunts and the degree of pleasure not only can not be directly proportional, but inversely proportional. In this way, the size of the grunts as a sign of female arousal, which is very unreliable.

In reality, most couples in the sexual activity but only use their bodies "the tool" - her tool is his body, and his tool is her body. Although they are happy to never-ending efforts to refine their art of lovemaking, in order to improve and perfect the quality and level of life of couples, unfortunately, couples to obtain sexual harmony, satisfaction and pleasure are few. Because each other have ignored or forgotten the "body function" this huge treasure trove of art. For example, the impact of sound on sex, it can incite couples in the sexual life of the burning passion, but also can destroy the couple's strong "sexual" interest.