The easiest way to get an orgasm is actually:


"Orgasm", wonderful and complex, some people have never experienced it, and others fake its occurrence.

According to the statistics in the study, half of the women had faked their own orgasms.

That said, in real life, the vast majority of women are probably faking their orgasms.

More than half of the women are faking orgasm!

Seeing these data, some gay men may say: nonsense, she obviously seems to enjoy ah, every time I asked her if she was comfortable, she answered comfortable ~.

To tell the brutal truth - what you see may not be true, she may just be playing along with your act!

The Heidi Report on Sexuality, on the other hand, gives a figure of 67%.

Why is she so "pretentious"?

First of all, it is largely the fear of disappointing the partner. In order to satisfy a man's self-esteem and keep him confident in his sexual abilities, they "perform" to please their partner and show him that they are satisfied with the feedback.

Secondly, sometimes women do not want to have sex, in order to cope with the male partner's enthusiasm as soon as possible, they imitate the performance of orgasm in order to let the man end as soon as possible, but also hope to avoid being considered sexually indifferent by their partners through disguise.

So, what is the problem with women not having orgasms?


Why are more and more women having difficulty having orgasms?

(1) The influence of psychological factors

There is a female sexual dysfunction called "orgasmic disorder", which is:

Sex is going well, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't experience an orgasm.

And, unlike frigidity, in people with orgasmic disorder, sexual desire is normal.

Except for the small percentage of people who are born lacking orgasm (there's usually not much that can be done about this), the data shows that most orgasm disorders are related to psychological factors.

1、Sexual anxiety

As the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. When you can't get enough of orgasm, it's easy to fall into a cycle of sexual anxiety. The more you desire, the more disappointed you are, and the harder it is to get.

2、the sex life environment is not safe, did not take reliable contraceptive measures

Sex is a very private activity, some women are shy and insecure, if there is no a comfortable and secluded environment, such as the walls are not soundproof, or fear of temporary disturbance, these can cause mental tension, resulting in difficulty immersed in it.

In addition, unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest concerns for women during sex. If the man does not take effective contraceptive measures, such as counting on safe periods and in-vitro ejaculation to prevent pregnancy, it may cause some psychological pressure on the woman and affect the orgasm.

3、life or past experiences bring negative emotions

When you are overwhelmed by life, even sex, it is difficult to achieve 100% focus and commitment, and even can not raise the energy. This time, no matter how hard the other party, but also let you feel only tasteless, naturally difficult to reach orgasm.

There is a disconnect between the couple, or have experienced a bad gender relationship, and these negative emotions can also affect the experience of sex.

(2) The two sides did not do a good job "Matching"


Sex is a two-person sport, and it's all about a cooperation and tacit understanding.

Many women face this embarrassment in their sex life: the man is quick and fast, but the woman is not yet finished.

This difference is not due to the high demand of women, but is caused by the different physiological structure of men and women.

There is a time difference between men and women in sexual arousal, often "men are fast and women are slow":

In general, men do not need much external stimulation and can reach orgasm within 4 minutes;

Women need a 10 to 20 minute sexual arousal period to trigger orgasm.

So, if both parties do not adjust their rhythm, they may be out of sync.

So, how to achieve a "consistent pace" in sex?

At this point, foreplay is important.

There is a saying that "time is not enough, foreplay to come together", high-quality foreplay, can fully mobilize women's sexual excitement, to eliminate this "time difference", but also allows women to produce enough secretions to lubricate the vagina, to reduce the discomfort of sex.

It is also important to adjust the pace to the other person's rhythm when stepping into the main event, and try to keep the two of them in the same rhythm instead of just focusing on themselves.

There is another situation that also serves as a warning to men:

Some men are self-centered, obviously two people's sex life, but only care about their own feelings, how comfortable they are, such as some positions, the woman clearly does not like but must be forced, or the other party is in a bad state do not want to have sex, or insist on having.

This is really bad!

A quality sex life is about going to the top together in mutual pleasure and cooperation, not about one partner satisfying the other.

A partner is not a lifeless doll. If you only care about your own feelings, I do what I want and do not respect her feelings, it will not only ruin the sexual experience, but also hurt your feelings!

Want to get an orgasm, the easiest way is actually ......

Studies have found that over 90% of women can achieve orgasm through masturbation and that it only takes an average of 8 minutes, which is much shorter and more successful than the time it takes them to achieve orgasm through intercourse with their partner.

Such a high success rate is due to the fact that masturbation stimulates the clitoris, the source point of sexual pleasure for women, better than penetrative sex between men and women.

For most women, stimulating the clitoris is more likely to bring on sexual excitement. It is covered with nearly 8,000 nerve endings, which means it is very sensitive and can bring women to orgasm if they are stimulated enough.

Of course, all this is based on a reasonable, moderate and hygienic basis.

What do you mean by reasonable and moderate? There is no unified standard, but mainly based on the individual's physical and mental feelings.

It is a little too frequent if:

After the end of

①, there is an increase in vulvar discharge and vague pain in the lower abdomen, local discomfort such as hidden pain and numbness in the sexual organs, or discomfort such as discomfort in urination and burning sensation in the urethral area.

② Feeling physically and mentally exhausted and weak the next day, with a significant decrease in work efficiency.

Most men don't understand their partner's needs and their partners don't know how to express their true thoughts, which eventually leads to results like fake orgasms.

The act of faking an orgasm can lead to a number of adverse physical and psychological reactions, such as pelvic floor muscle fatigue, pain, and mental health issues. Therefore, women should understand their own body and feelings, follow the real feelings to do so, have appropriate emotional communication with their partners and create a comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience together.