The ultimate guide to sex toy selection

The ultimate guide to sex toy selection

Looking for sex toys ? Adult toys can stimulate your genitals, stimulate the fantasy or make sex more exciting. It can bring variation to your sex life and make you more easily excited.

Adults Toys and Sex Toys  In General

Sex toys can boost your sex life in various ways. They provide variety, humor and can stimulate sexual pleasure.

A sex toy can, for example, help women who have not masturbated much to discover themselves. Many women discover with masturbation with the help of a sex toy that excites them. Some women even came with a vibrator for the first time.

If you know your own body well, it is better to let a partner know what you like.

Other benefits of sex toys are:

  • help shift the focus from penetration to other forms of sex
  • provide stimulation in different places at the same time
  • provide clitoral stimulation that makes it easier for women to come
  • can be inspiring and spice up your sex life

You may not like sex toys or even experience them as uncomfortable or painful. Sex toys are also commercial means. That means that there is always a price tag attached to it.

They are certainly not a must for your sex life and you don’t have to use them. But if you feel like it, you can certainly do this.

Sex toys and STDs

Sex toys are safe for STDs, in the sense that you cannot get STDs from the toys themselves. The most important condition is that you always use your own sex toys.

If you share the sex toys with your partner, you must thoroughly clean them with warm water and soap. You can also put a condom on it to protect yourself against STDs and HIV. Always take a new condom when you exchange sex toys.

Do not combine a toy made of silicone with silicone lubricant. It damages the toy. Use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys.

Buy sex toys

If you would like to buy a sex toy, you can easily do so anonymously via the internet. If you go to a high-quality erotic store you can get a lot of useful information and advice about the different sex toys.

Ask the staff for an explanation, about the quality of the toy or what your suitable format of a dildo is, for example. Don’t be ashamed. Your questions are no more than a routine job for them.

In Belgium, sex shops or erotic shops are prohibited for minors. So you may only enter a sex shop when you are 18. In addition to sex toys, you will also find eg pornographic material, erotic lingerie, erotic books, and condoms.



The vibrator is the most famous sex toy. This device that vibrates is mainly used by women.

The vibrator stimulates the clitoris, labia, vagina or G-spot. In men, the penis, ball bag or anus can be stimulated. As a couple, you can also massage each other with it.

A vibrator is not the same as a dildo

A vibrator works on batteries or electricity and vibrates, a dildo usually does not.


A dildo is meant for penetration. Dildos come in different types:

  • dildos that look very much like a penis, including skin color and veins, or circumcised copies
  • other dildos than those with a phallic shape, which more often have bright colors or special shapes and, for example, also have ridges
  • dildos with a curveball or on to the G-spot to encourage
  • dildos with small waves or ridges in the shaft to give more stimulation when moving in and out
  • dildos with a base so that you can put them upright or use them in armor

The price of a vibrator and a dildo

There is a wider choice of cheap quality vibrators than cheap quality dildos. That is because dildos need more material of good quality.

Flexible and good quality and cheap do not go together. You can use inexpensive hard plastic for vibrators, but not for a dildo.



Lubricants can make sex with penetration easier. Lubricant functions as a lubricant and can increase comfort during sex.

There are different types of lubricants: water-based, silicone-based or oil-based.

Geisha balls

Geisha balls

Geisha balls or ben wa balls are sex toys that originally come from Asia. You have to insert the balls into your vagina and you can wear them under your clothes.

Anal bead or anal bead

anal bead

Anal beads are balls, or ‘beads’, that you can insert into the anus while masturbating or making love.

Anus balls are often sold under English names such as ‘Thai beads’, ‘love beads’, ‘climax beads’, ‘anal beads’ and ‘pleasure beads’.

Penis ring

Penis ring

A cock ring or penis ring is a ring that is placed around the base of the penis.

It makes the penis harder and the erection stronger. You can also keep an erection longer with it.

Penis pump

Penis pump

A penis pump or vacuum pump is used to increase an erection. An erection pump will not permanently increase the penis.

Also, do not use a penis pump too often or for too long.

Penis sleeve or masturbator

A masturbator or penis sleeve is a sex toy for men. It has a cavity where the penis can be inserted.

A masturbator can be an imitation of, for example, a vagina, anus or mouth. Very often, however, this type of toy does not resemble a body part. The best-selling masturbators belong to the latter category.

Sex Doll

Unlike other sex toys, sex dolls have the extra feature that you have a full ‘body’ in front of you. They are used to simulate sexual intercourse with a partner.

Cleaning sex toys

The following applies to sex toys in general:

  • all toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap (or toy cleaner)
  • you can also clean your toys with damp cloths since you rinse them with water
  • avoid too aggressive gels, such as disinfecting handles with alcohol
  • sex toys are best left to air dry (if you dry them with a towel, lint will linger)
  • You can sterilize some toys
  • sterilization is necessary if you want to share your toy with someone else
  • if your toy is non-sterilizable, you can only share it by using a condom on it

Sterilizing means: boiling the toys or immersing them in a solution of water with a small amount of javel. That is only possible with waterproof and non-motorized toys such as anal toys, dildos, and ben-wa balls.

Read the cleaning instructions on the package. These can vary depending on the toy and the specific material that it consists of:

  • toys that are made of porous material (latex, PVC, elastomers, TPR, rubber) can usually be cleaned, but not sterilized.
  • silicone toys, on the other hand, are sterilizable
  • sex toys made from hard plastic or thermoplastic often have to be cleaned and maintained in a specific way
  • Silicone toys are best kept in a velvet or satin bag because they attract dust
  • toys from different materials are best kept apart: especially jelly, rubber, elastomers, and vinyl toys can stick or react to each other over time