These conditions affect the harmony of sex

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Sexuality is vital to the harmony and happiness of a couple's relationship.
However, there are some characteristics of men and women who tend to perform poorly sexually, resulting in a lower quality of sex life.
If you find yourself with one of the following characteristics, then hurry up and compare yourself to see if you need to improve.
1, lack of communication and understanding: sexual life requires good communication and understanding between the couple.
If you and your partner lack communication about your sexual needs, preferences or problems, then your sex life is likely to suffer.
Timely communication and understanding of each other's needs and desires can promote sexual satisfaction for both partners.
2, ignore foreplay: foreplay is very important for sexual life.
If you or your partner ignore foreplay and go straight to the sex act, then it is likely that you will not achieve orgasm or sexual pleasure.
Foreplay is meant to stimulate sexual desire and emotional connection and should be considered an important part of your sex life.
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3, selfishness or lack of attention: sex is a mutually giving experience between the couple, rather than the unilateral pursuit of personal satisfaction.
If you focus on your own needs and ignore your partner's feelings and needs, then sex is likely to be problematic.
Learn to listen and pay attention to your partner's feelings and pursue sexual satisfaction together.
4, psychological stress or anxiety: psychological state has an important impact on sexual life.
If you feel stressed, anxious or distracted before sex, it is likely that you will not be able to relax and enjoy your sex life.
Learning to reduce stress and relax can improve the quality of your sex life.
5, lack of sexual knowledge and skills: sex is a skill, need to learn and master.
If you or your partner lack sexual knowledge or skills, you may not be able to achieve sexual pleasure.
By learning about sex and trying new sexual techniques, you can improve the quality of your sex life.
6, unhealthy lifestyle: unhealthy lifestyle can have a negative impact on sex life.
For example, long-term excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise may lead to a decrease in sexual function.
7, physical health problems: some physical health problems, such as chronic diseases, drug side effects, hormone imbalance, etc., may have a negative impact on sexual life.
If you or your partner has such a health problem, it is very important to seek medical attention and consult your doctor's advice promptly.
8, psychological or emotional problems: psychological or emotional problems can also affect the sex life.
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For example, negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and fear can interfere with sexual desire and function.
If you or a partner is having psychological or emotional problems, seeking professional counseling or therapy is an effective solution.
9, lack of intimacy and emotional connection: sex is not just about physical pleasure, but more importantly about building intimacy and emotional connection.
If you or your partner lack intimacy and emotional connection, then sex may lack depth and satisfaction.
Strengthening the emotional connection between couples and fostering intimacy can enhance the quality of sex life.
10, external pressure and living environment: external pressure and living environment can also have an impact on sexual life.
For example, work stress, family disputes, and financial problems may lead to a decrease in libido or a decrease in the quality of sex life.
Finding appropriate ways to relieve stress and improve your living environment can help improve your sex life.
Sexuality is an important part of a couple's relationship and has a significant impact on both physical and mental health and well-being.
If you find yourself or your partner with the above characteristics, it is recommended that you promptly reflect and improve.
Communication, understanding, paying attention to each other's needs, improving lifestyles and seeking professional help are all effective ways to improve the quality of your sex life.
Remember, a healthy sex life is based on mutual respect, understanding and care between husband and wife.