Top 10 benefits of making love, you know how many!

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Sex is a very physically demanding thing, especially for men, sex is definitely a serious loss of physical energy. However, sex is not only harmful but also beneficial. Let experts explain the ten benefits of sex.

Sex destroys stress and relieves tension

According to Wilson, an expert in human sexuality, the release of hormones in the body during sex prevents us from feeling stressed. This response can even last for hours until hormone levels return to normal levels throughout the body system.

Sex can help you fall asleep

The physical effort and emotional high of sex can be the perfect engine to drive you to sleep. Muscles tense up during arousal and return to relaxation afterwards, a process that clearly contributes to rest and sleep.

Sex keeps you young

If you don't use your sexual organ, it tends to degenerate, experts say. Sex improves vaginal lubrication and moisturizes the vagina.

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Sex can improve self-confidence

Experts say that having regular sex shows that you and your partner are in love with each other. Having easy orgasms during sex will make you feel more attractive and boost your self-confidence.

Sex can change the way you look

Experts say that the stimulation and movement during sex leads to the production of adrenaline. These hormones increase the transparency of the skin, making it look brighter and more beautiful.

Sex brings you and your partner closer together, both emotionally and physically

Dr. Wilson says that when you and your partner's relationship tends to be good, your sex life will tend to be better, too. You can communicate well to each other through sex and thus be more affectionate.

Sex can relieve menstrual pain.

The hormones released during sex can loosen the tensions that cause menstrual pain.

Sex can help extend your life.

According to experts, there is evidence that happily married people live longer than single and divorced people, which has much to do with a happy marriage and sex life. Both physically and psychologically, sex is good for your health.

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Sex is good for the heart and the circulatory system.

Sex can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. If you exercise intensely, you can achieve a good amount of exercise for your cardiovascular system. Sex involves physical activity and movement, which improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation is important for transporting oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, as well as for eliminating waste and toxins. Sex promotes the release of hormones in the body, such as cortisol, endorphins and nitrous oxide. These hormones can help relax blood vessels, increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Sex burns calories and helps keep you slim.

According to research, a passionate kiss burns twelve calories, and a ten-minute caress burns fifty calories. Sex increases the heart rate and breathing rate, putting the body in a light aerobic state. Although it may not be as strenuous as running or swimming, it can still promote blood circulation and caloric expenditure.