Try the exciting chair sex tonight

Try the exciting chair sex tonight - officialtherosetoy

The space for sex is not just the bed in the bedroom, sometimes switching to the balcony, the beach late at night when no one is around, a narrow shower, in the car .... These kinds of things can get extra exciting feelings. But sometimes, just a sofa or a chair is all that is needed to take the sexual experience to the next level. If you are experiencing sex on a chair for the first time, refer to the following benefits and considerations, of course, the end of the article is also attached to the body position recommendations ~

Man kissing a woman's beautiful legs

Intimate skin contact

When making love in a chair, you can basically only grab each other and also focus on the caressing and touching of the hands. The width of the sofa or chair is also narrower, moreover you can have chest to chest and face to face!

Gaining Mastery

Chair sex gives the female partner who is straddling the male partner more complete control over the depth of entry. If you like to go deeper, you can sit close to your partner's thighs, while straddling allows your partner to enter shallow and feel the hot grinding of the cock inside.

Choose the right chair

Ensure that the chair used for sex can withstand the weight of two people, never choose a folding chair, not only is not strong but also very noisy. Sofa, single queen chairs and so on are very good, computer chairs will not be used first, after all, not to shake.

Adjust the different heights

Different heights of support can provide different lovemaking experiences. Dining chairs are great for female-top and straddle positions, and high chairs are great for oral sex!

Try a little bondage

Add a little prop to make sex complete. A chair with armrests will allow you to tie your wrists with a silk scarf or tie, or you can use a blindfold to focus more on the touch of skin.

have sex in chair

1: Sofa one-man show

Who says you have to have a male companion, masturbation is also a sign of love for yourself! Whether you choose a couch or a chair, don't forget to lay out a towel. Start with small, gentle movements and slowly stimulate your clitoris. Then, as the intensity increases, add more movements, rubbing with your fingers, stroking back and forth or patting gently, using some auxiliary props when appropriate. This can be a good way to explore your body.

2: Long live the Queen

The chair is also perfect for oral sex, with a slight sense of conditioning. Find a camping chair or a small bench with a hole in the middle, sit on it and spread your legs a little bit, and let your partner lie under the chair for a good service!

3: Dog crawl

Various kinds of chairs and tables are the best space to show the dog crawl style. Find the right height and softness of the sofa or chair, so that the male partner to enjoy the round buttocks, hands can also grasp the soft flesh of the chest, how romantic!

4: Layers of progression

The male partner sits in the chair first and the female partner straddles the chair with her back to the male partner. This position is ideal for entry and anal sex. Both hands are free to stroke and caress, and different props can be used. This position suggests the use of a clitoral suction device, back and forth, will definitely make you wet!