Urinate immediately after sex? men and women are different

have sex

What do you think about doing after sex? Daze, shower, sleep? I think the answer for most people is:

Pee! Urinating after sex, men and women are different!

After sex, it is the same to pee, but there is a relatively large difference between men and women.

For women

Urination after sexual intercourse

After sex, women tend to have a strong urge to urinate, mainly because of sex, the urethra, the bladder will be subject to a certain degree of "squeeze".

At this point, all you need to do is to urinate promptly.

It is a good habit for women to urinate promptly after sex. This is because when having sex, the surrounding bacteria can easily take advantage of the opportunity to enter the urethra and induce a urinary tract infection.

If you can urinate in time, it is equivalent to a flushing and bacterial removal of the urethra, reducing the time and number of bacteria proliferating in the urine, which can effectively prevent urinary tract infections.

For men

Urination after sexual intercourse

Many men also have the urge to pee after sex.

This is because after ejaculation, male genital congestion subsides and the bladder sphincter slowly changes from tense to relaxed, resulting in a sense of fatigue and an urge to urinate.

However, at such times, unlike women, it is not recommended that you go pee right away.

Because the physiological structure of men and women is different. When sex is just over, the male penis is not completely weak, the swollen spongy body will compress the urethra, thus leading to increased urethral resistance, which may make urination laborious, this time forceful urination, easily leading to urine reflux through the prostate gland ducts to the interior of the prostate gland, leading to pain and even causing prostatitis.

Therefore, it is best to take a break, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and wait until the penis is completely weak and the body is completely relaxed before urinating.

Bath first or pee first?

The best order is ......

Having said that, the final summary of what to do after sex in the end ~

First, lie still for a while to recover your strength and calm your heart.

When you get over it, women can go to the bathroom first. Note, don't drag too long!

After going to the toilet, two people can continue to rest for a while, relax the body, during which you can do some post-play, including intimate hugs, chatting, you can also drink a glass of warm water or milk to properly hydrate.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of rest, men can go to urinate if they have the urge to do so; of course, if they do not have the urge to urinate, they do not have to bother.

After 15 minutes of rest, if you feel that your body is almost recovered, then you can arrange to take a shower; if you still feel tired, panting and fast heartbeat, then you can wait for a while longer.

Many men fall asleep after sex because they are tired, thinking that this can eliminate fatigue, but in fact, this will make the tiredness last until the second day. During sex, the sympathetic nerves have been in a high state of tension, especially the secretion of sex hormones, generally need to 5 to 20 minutes of buffer period.