What behavior of men and women in bed is annoying?

What behavior of men and women in bed is annoying? - officialtherosetoy

Some men and women as long as a sexual desire, regardless of others, just do it.

However, this may affect the quality of your sex life or may cause some harm to your health.

To see what behavior of men and women in bed will be annoying?

 annoy women

  • Going to bed without being clean

This behavior often happens to men. Men tend not to be like women that way before sex always have to organize themselves clean, so that men have a good visual sense, to avoid bad taste will affect the mood of the two people.

Some guys tend to always think about hurry up and start, not for the sake of women, always do not dry hug you, completely disregard for the feelings of women, immediately make your excitement fall to a low point.


  • Always writing a blank check

When having sex, men always like to say a lot of nice things to women and promise something that can't be achieved. So, women should never fall for it or take it seriously.

But why do they say these empty words that will not come true?

We all know it is false, but still obliged to say it. A few times now and then, it may boost your sex drive, but, over time, it can be a big turn-off for women


Always keep asking questions

Women often have this mentality, in the time of sex, always want to know how much the man loves her, will often be in the climax, suddenly interrupt, keep asking the man love you, must let him answer love after you just give up;

Or at this time, you start nagging, talk about the mortgage, talk about the children's education, talk about your aggravation in the company today, such a situation, where men are still half interested.

 woman lying on man's chest

  • Not the slightest reaction

Sex is a two-person affair, and men who work hard on women expect them to respond accordingly, letting them know that you are getting pleasure from his efforts.

However, if he is desperately trying to please you in bed, you are lying in bed is not moving, like a log, which will greatly hurt the self-esteem of men, imagine, you can do with a log down? Is it very meaningless?

These problems may not be of concern to some men and women because they may occur in their lives.

But this will only invariably pile up damage, and over time you will find your gender life is greatly affected, so I hope that after understanding these common sense, we can all pay more attention.