What is it like to do love in the mirror?

sex in the mirror

I've heard that some people like some new tricks when they have sex, and this time it's not a small toy... It's a mirror.

Do you like Mirror Sex?

In the 70s, the United States of America's sex-themed motels, like to install mirrors on the ceiling above the bed, so that many couples admire to go, which shows how great the mirror for the sexual experience is added.

It's so exciting to have sex while watching this lustful scene in the mirror!

Asking for sex in the mirror = perverted?

Mirrors are always good sex props, but I've also heard another voice, "My partner likes to have sex in the mirror, is he a sexual pervert?"

It is important to note that sexual deviants differ from the common sexual satisfaction of the general public in that they do not engage in sexual contact or do not use it as their primary form of sexual satisfaction, but instead use unusual exhibitionism, voyeurism, and sexual imagery as a source of sexual satisfaction.

So, diverse sexual positions with partners, and some of the more erotic sexual experiences, such as sex in the mirror, foreplay, forgetfulness when you like to pat the buttocks, etc. ...... these are normal.

Moreover, sex to the mirror is not only not perverted, there are many benefits.

sex in the mirror

Make love to the mirror to enhance body confidence and sexual intimacy

Sexual relationship expert Rhian Kivits describes sex in the mirror as follows:

-- "It's like stepping outside and seeing yourself from your partner's perspective."

When we see that the person we are talking to is experiencing joy and how much they are enjoying what is happening at the moment, it can be a huge confidence booster and you will feel encouraged and willing to let go and enjoy what is happening.

Just one girl once told us that a session of mirror sex with her partner cured her body anxiety.

A new mirror was installed in her partner's bedroom, and that time they made love, and in the mirror she saw herself happy, and then saw that her boyfriend was that intoxicated by her, and in that moment, her confidence in her body, sex and pleasure returned. "I stopped being anxious and found my body attractive."

Of course, mirrors have the added benefit that no matter what position you try, doggy style, reverse cowgirl... You will be able to see her reaction and vice versa, and intimate gazing at each other can continue throughout sex, increasing your intimacy.

Experience a safer sex "video"

Sensory stimulation, life is like, when we watch pornographic films, their own desire to be briefly exposed, which makes us unusually excited and bold, and when these films are created by themselves, the stimulation is soaring.

A mirror that allows you to experience a live version of the tape, heightened eroticism, but much safer!

Being in front of the mirror, watching each other being awakened, body mingling and vibrating, is like having a pornographic tape of yourself, but it exists only in your mind, no one can read it, so it is very safe.

How do I prepare for my first attempt at sex in the mirror?

First, think about what mirrors you have. How big and can be moved or fixed in any position. For example: a bathroom mirror, closet mirror, floor mirror, or even a makeup mirror can add some variety to your sex.

(For the first time no one should really want to place a mirror in the bedroom ceiling...)

Next, confirm whether you want a full view, or just a glimpse during sex, or a separate look at a body part. For this, test different locations in the room to see where it suits you best.

Yes, this needs to be a joint decision between you and her.

Are You Ready?

sex in the mirror

Start foreplay in front of the mirror

If you are a little scared of the mirror but want to give it a try, you can start using it right from the foreplay. Take off your clothes slowly in front of the mirror, touch each other and watch yourself and her being aroused.

Focus on facial expressions

During sex, try to position the mirror and look at your face first, then your body next. Observe what happens to your facial expressions, then gently move your gaze to look at your body, taking the process as slow as possible.

Classic to mirror missionary

It is not recommended to try some risky positions or locations for the sake of sex in the mirror, move the home removable mirror to the side of the bed, adjust to lie down to comfortably glance at the angle, watching you make love in bed in the missionary position, old positions and new ways to play, the same stimulation of your senses.

Try positions where you can't make eye contact

Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, a pose that usually doesn't allow for eye contact, gets an intimate mutual gaze when staged in front of a mirror. Place the mirror at the end of the bed and watch her reaction to determine the amount of thrust, or place it on the side of the bed while engaging in a fiery side-to-side straight shot.

Bathroom mirror use up

Watch yourself making love in front of the bathroom mirror while showering, but make sure the water is not too hot, because too hot mirrors can fog up and block your view. Keep the heat on what the two of you are doing, sweating in the dense humidity.

(Before starting with soap and other things containing grease wipe down the mirror, without rinsing, it is said to prevent the mirror from fogging ~)

All that shaking body and sweat will make it more sexy because you see it.