What part of your man likes you?

kiss chin

Your man likes that part of you? Eyes, breasts, hips, legs... From his fascination with the parts to see through the underlying psychology behind your him, appreciate a woman's legs? Breasts? Waist? Or ears? With the analysis in the book "Insight into the Heart from Habits", let us secretly see the underlying psychology behind men's behavior from their small preferences.

From men obsessed with the body parts to see through their hearts"

Men like to look at women, although it is the innate biological nature, however, due to the different background of each man's upbringing, coupled with the socialization process is also different. Many psychologists say that men appreciate the parts of a woman is often a psychological projection phenomenon that

Your man like your lips?


From the perspective of the psychosexual developmental history, the lips are related to the oral period, stemming from the psychological intimacy of dependence on sucking.

Your man like your chin?

To admire a woman's chin, one is to elevate the woman's chin, and the other is when the woman is exalted. Men who have a soft spot for a woman's chin may have a devout heart for religion and often unknowingly glorify women with a Virgin Mary-like image of holiness.

Your man like your ear?

Men actually rarely pay special attention to this part, some men simply forget that it exists. Men who appreciate women's ears are more likely to be insecure in their childhood, so they will be fascinated by the feeling of whispering in a woman's ear, hoping to win each other's care and love.

Your man like your hair?

Men who prefer long-haired women are mostly passionate about the opposite sex and have more outgoing personalities, so they will be particularly attracted to long-haired girls who look gentle and feminine. Many men who prefer short-haired women are introverted, and based on a complementary mentality, they are particularly easily attracted to women with a pretty appearance and a competent personality.

Your man like your arm?

Based on the psychology of pity, men are less likely to have the desire to take care of arms that look strong and active. Men who will feel for the almighty hands usually belong to the home-loving type and inherently desire to be protected.

Your man like your breast?

kiss breast

Most of the men who prefer women's breasts have a deeper attachment and emotional connection with women. Men who are still in the oral stage psychologically are more attached to women's breasts and will start by touching and sucking on women's breasts during intimate interactions.

Your man like your shoulder?

A man who prefers women's shoulders may have fantasies and ideals about sex in his inner world, or he may be prone to conflicts and clashes in the real world and needs a safe shoulder to lean on. Men who prefer women's shoulders may also like to maintain a buddy-like friendship with women.

Your man like your waist?

When a man wants to express his love for a woman, he will put his arm around her waist when the relationship goes further, which has a psychological connotation of declaring his feelings on the one hand, and showing his possessiveness on the other.

Your man like your hips?

Many men who appreciate women's hips like to feel natural and real when they fall in love, and even like the original rear entry position when they have sex. When you find that the man you like has his eyes focused on the buttocks, you don't have to put too much effort into self-packaging because he likes the original female body.

Your man like your ankle?

Men who prefer women's ankles are likely to be older and may also be sexually inclined to ankles that allow them to completely manipulate and play with the ankles between their hands.