What scent can arouse her lust

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Before the article begins to ask everyone a question: the opposite sex can be attracted to you, what are the points?

Is it the looks? Is it the body? Or is it the temperament between the hands and feet, or the "breath" that can bring you infinite fantasy?

You may not believe it, but the presence of scent can really affect our feelings, emotions, and even lust.

What is the mysterious connection between smell and lust? And what are the smells that can help both sides to improve the emotional index? Today, let's find out.

Smell can really arouse "lust"?

Such a setting may seem unrealistic, but in fact, it is not empty.

The smell itself has an effect on the libido, and a survey reported that 17% of people with smell disorders have concurrent sexual desire disorders.

As a powerful mechanism for human communication (including sexual communication), the sense of smell has up to 6 million olfactory cells in the nose that help us identify and remember, about 10,000 different smells.

Second to none in terms of the richness of the senses.

Experts at the University of Pennsylvania who study the sense of smell say, "When we smell or chew something, the odor molecules bind to the olfactory receptors and are then transmitted directly to the brain, which is much faster than other receptors, so smell can trigger changes in our emotions and behavior extremely quickly."

So, if you want to leave a quick mark on a person's heart, using scent to achieve your goal is definitely the quickest and most effective way.

But different scents and lust seem to have some connection that we hardly know. Although it is impossible to know all scents deeply, there are always those that let you know the moment you smell:

"So this is the taste of love!"

have sex

What are the scents that can arouse lust?

Many people may think that a man's cologne, or the smell of red wine, or the smell of roses or chocolate, can arouse the interest of his female partner.

But the truth is, these are just to add some romantic atmosphere, but not useful to actually stimulate the sex drive.

Back in 1999, scientists conducted an experiment in which they asked men and women to smell 30 different odors while observing the blood flow to their sexual organs and found that the following odors were able to significantly increase blood flow:

The smell that turns men on top 3

Top1 Lavender + Pumpkin Pie Increase blood flow by 40%

Top2 Black licorice + fried doughnut Increase blood flow by 31.5%

Top3 Pumpkin pie + fried doughnut Increase blood flow by 20%

Top 3 scents that make women excited

Top1 Candy + Cucumber Increase blood flow by 13%.

Top2 Baby powder Improves blood flow by 13%.

Top3 Pumpkin pie + lavender Increase blood flow by 11%

In this way, no wonder sweet girls and fresh boys are more popular ~

Of course, in addition to the smell itself, the smell emitted by the human body will be mixed with some mysterious information, and our primitive instincts will let us find biologically suitable partners for making a baby together according to the lead of these messages.

The human body comes with the "smell", can also be so tantalizing?

Biologists and evolutionary psychologists believe that humans, as mammals, still retain a degree of our primitive biological instincts:

We determine physical suitability and choose objects based on the odor emitted by each other's body hormones. The name of this magical pheromone in the real world is "pheromone".

It is one of the human hormones that make you feel flushed.

But this odor released from the human body, we ourselves generally can not smell, only others can feel, especially between the opposite sex, will be more intense.

Moreover, the location of pheromone secretion is not quite the same in men and women.

It generally arises in the sweat glands, armpits, genitals, and even the feet in men; in women, it is in the sweat glands, armpits, nipples, and genitals, and it tends to appear with the discharge of sweat and sebum.

When the other person receives your pheromones, they are transmitted directly to the brain.

So the more you smell these parts the more excited you get when the two of you are sweating profusely making love.

Of course, this also reminds us to maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene, do not because of inattention to cleanliness, and affect the body's "original taste".

Make full use of some small items to create a "sense of fragrance", such as choosing the right perfume, aromatherapy, antiperspirant, body wash, especially for some people who have their own odor or sweat is a great help.

You know, the taste is to meet love and maintain the relationship, has a considerable degree of influence !