What should you do if the condom breaks?


Nothing can destroy the aura of sex more than realizing that the condom is broken. What should we do now?

"You may be worried about what to do next." It's natural to jump to the worst. "said mph, MD, a sexual health expert." But don't let fear be your best. Take a deep breath.

Don't panic, get treatment in time. Dr. explained what to do next and what would happen.

The condom is broken. What should I do?

If the condom breaks during sex, you may be worried.

Have a baby.

Exposed to a sexual infection.

Get treatment immediately." "If there is a primary medical treatment provider, it is a good starting point. When contacting the medical service provider, please say it's urgent. You may be able to make an appointment for the same day.

In the absence of a one-time diagnosis and treatment provider, there are the following quick diagnosis and treatment options.

Local health centers and health centers

Emergency clinic.

... reproductive and sexual health clinics, such as the Family Planning Association.

Go to the place where you feel most comfortable and openly talk about sex and desire. If you call to make an appointment, you should confirm whether the clinic provides emergency contraception or sexually transmitted diseases. "

not to go to the emergency room if there is no real medical emergency. The cost of going to the emergency room may be very expensive, so it is best not to use it unless you need emergency services.

How to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex

If you are worried about pregnancy, please take emergency contraceptive measures as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Dr. explained your choice.

The first stage of plan b

Bone step, known as the "morning-after pill", and common drugs (my choice, my way, prevention and action) can be purchased at the counter. It is advisable to take it within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex, and it can also be taken after 5 days.

Dr. said: "The longer we wait, the less effective Plan B will be in preventing pregnancy. Therefore, it is really important to get Plan B within three days. "

Plan B and the general version contain the synthetic hormone "levoprogesterone" for specific contraceptives. But the dosage is different from that of general contraceptives. Take plan b once.

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Another option for the morning-after pill is ella, which can only be found in the prescription. This is a single pill that can be taken for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. But like plan B, taking ella for the first 72 hours has the best effect.

condom breaks

Can you take a variety of birth control pills after unprotected sex?

Dr. said: "We generally don't recommend taking multiple contraceptives for emergency contraception. The pills you take may not be the right medicine or dose to prevent pregnancy. " 

He said: "The most effective choices are Plan B (or generic drugs) and ella approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (fda) emergency contraception law."

How to deal with the potential infection of sexually transmitted diseases when condoms break?

The potential exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is terrible. Even if the other person has no symptoms, there may be symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

If possible, you can ask each other questions about sexually transmitted diseases. It can be seen that if they have sexually transmitted diseases now, they should be examined. If your partner is not sure whether you are infected with sexually transmitted diseases, you may want to be tested.

This is a sexual infection that needs attention.

Sexually transmitted diseases are very common in the United States and are increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-fifth of the population is infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Some people will get sexually infected, but there are no symptoms.

Bacterial infection

Dr said: "The most common sexual infections are gonorrhea and chlamydia." Syphilis is also a kind of bacterial infection. If you have been exposed, bacteria will immediately appear in the test. The examination is usually carried out by collecting urine samples or wiping genital parts.

Viral infection

Sexually transmitted infections belonging to viruses include:

Hepatitis C.

Herpes simplex virus (hsv).


Human tumor virus.

This virus infection will not appear immediately in blood tests. It takes time for the body to produce antibodies to the virus, and these antibodies are the signs of testing. But it's still important to be examined. Especially when you feel exposed. The medical staff introduced it in the virus infection inspection window.

If you know that you have been exposed to HIV, please see a doctor immediately. A preventive treatment called pep can protect you, but you must take pep within 72 hours of being infected with HIV.

Dr. suggested: "You can consider discussing the prevention of HIV infection with caregivers." This drug is usually called prep and is suitable for people who do not have hiv but are at risk of contracting HIV. Taking it every day can reduce the risk of hiv infection by 99%.

Condoms are still well protected.

There is no perfect protection during sex. Condoms may not be effective, but this kind of thing rarely happens, and condoms are also the best way to prevent your sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms (there are many kinds) are an effective contraceptive method if they are used continuously and properly.

If your main interest is to prevent pregnancy, then many contraceptive options are more effective than condoms. Remember, other contraceptive methods can't protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, but condoms can. To prevent condoms from breaking, keep them away from heat and light, don't carry them in wallat don't open them with anything sharp (like scissors or teeth), and avoid using oils or lotions on them. The material used to make condoms can weaken over time, so check the expiration date and don't use one that has expired.