What to do when your sex drive drops after having a baby?

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Before many women get pregnant, they don't have a lot of sex, but they are very passionate every time.

However, after the birth of a child, women become very tired of sex. What's going on?

Some women lose interest in sex after having children, as if they are abstinent.

This is normal and occurs in the majority of women after childbirth, and it has a lot to do with the physical and mental changes that occur after childbirth.

After childbirth, it is normal for women to have less interest in sex because they have not fully recovered physically and mentally, or because they have shifted their interest to take care of the baby. So what can be done to improve it?

01、Learn to appreciate your beauty

I have seen many mothers who have children, not only do not dress themselves up, a year down the road will not buy themselves a few new clothes.

However, being sexy is a lifelong necessity for women, and motherhood aside, dressing yourself is a way to get pleasure and love yourself.

A friend told me that she only wore jeans and a T-shirt during the time she just had a baby, and she felt like a man.

Later, when she was back in her chic leggings and sexy top, she once again felt the desire in her husband's gaze to be sexy, confident, and to feel free and want to express her unique feelings as a woman even more.

So learning to appreciate your own beauty is such an important thing to do.

So, as women, how do we appreciate our own beauty?

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Look at your body naturally

Many postpartum women have strong body anxiety, feeling that their bodies have changed, become fat, or have stretch marks, scars left from cesarean section do not look good, and other kinds of anxiety and worries.

From this will feel embarrassed when they have a sex, think that their husbands will dislike them, or press also do not want.

In fact, I would like to say that these marks are not only not ugly, but I think they are beautiful and sacred, and I see a woman's bravery and strength behind these marks.

Accept your bodies positively, no matter what they are, they are your bodies and they are as beautiful as you are.

Don't change your body to please each other

Positive acceptance of your body is the first step in learning to appreciate your own beauty, and even if you want to make some changes for that, it must be something that you agree with and will make you feel comfortable with, not to please the other person.

Many women suffer from poor body image, but no one's body is perfect, than worry about their own fat will not be found, or before sex to do a good job of personal hygiene, relaxing a hot bath, full of lust to trim pubic hair, more increase your confidence and sex appeal Oh.

Wear sexy clothes

Whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, in my eyes women's bodies are wonderful, they are sacred and full of erotic charm.

You can try to wear a little sexy once in a while, such as a piece of clothing that can highlight your best parts, while also stretching yourself, such as sexy lingerie, even if it is full of fresh decorations such as uniform seduction, are very good choices.

Then, you can appreciate your beauty in the mirror and appreciate your own beauty, this unique beauty and temperament that belongs to you as a woman.

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02, explore new sexual patterns

Usually, we like to have a natural sex in an ambiguous atmosphere of lust between two people, but in fact, a planned sex can also be unexpected surprises.

"I thought about tonight's engagement, which I couldn't resist, my whole body was excited, every organ and cell was screaming for some unparalleled sex instantly."

Of course, what I want to emphasize here is that planning a sexual encounter does not mean scheduling a specific time, but leaving a space and reverie for desire.

You can have regular dates, or find a weekend getaway every few months, even if it's just two people in a car for an extra half hour, and it's important to carve out a sexual territory for each other.

Of course, you can also make yourself a list of some of the things you need to do daily, weekly or quarterly to make sure your sex life is in tip-top shape.

For example, you can stay in bed together and be intimate under the covers, or the two of you can share food, a bag of chips or an ice cream can be.

You can also choose a quiet spot and take a walk aimlessly, talk and feel each other's company.

You can also try to make love in some place you have never tried before and experience a different moment of passion.

In fact, it's not what you do together that matters, it's how you feel when you do it together and the time you're willing to spend for each other that makes them seem so small and precious.

When we have children, we have all kinds of reasons to give up sex.

Undoubtedly, life with children will be easier to douse the flames of desire, but more important is how we find the original passion and rekindle each other's passion.

Cook less and make more of a love. Of course the love here does not just stay on sex, but more of a sexual energy connection between each other.

Sex is not just in bed either, it is also present in all aspects of life, it is a kind of sensuality, an eroticism, an ambiguity...

Regardless of the situation around you, when your sexual energy flows naturally, you must be full of sex appeal when you are nourished by sex and love.