What you didn't know about casual sex?

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Do you understand dating casual sex? Some people think that sex is a reasonable hobby that doesn't cost money. And it also seems that more and more people are now experimenting with one-night stands. The app stores are full of social apps offering all kinds of avenues for casual sex! Why are one-night stands becoming popular? And what are the consequences of choosing casual sex for us? Today, let's have a serious discussion about the phenomenon of casual sex.

Why casual sex?

1, we must admit: sex and passion generated by the strong sense of ecstasy is a great motivation for human behavior, casual sex is purely a channel to release pressure by stimulating the senses, and love or non-love does not have any relationship.

2, people are born with exploratory and curiosity, both men and women, will endlessly possess and explore. Please do not pull what moral sense, sense of responsibility, philandering is the reality, casual sex is the ability to do what you want.
 3, vanity, narcissistic sense of satisfaction many men about sex is not only for their own cool, about the end to show off and buddies bragging about it, there is no shortage of some people will also take photos and buddies to share a little to meet their vanity, so that the human nature of narcissism is satisfied.

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Casual sex affects mental health, but there are benefits

  Currently, most studies do agree that casual sex is harmful to people's mental health.
 Scientific studies have shown that people who have had one-night stands have 1) a lower sense of self-worth, life satisfaction, mental health, and happiness; and 2) higher levels of depression and anxiety. This negative experience may be due to the sense of regret that arises after casual sex: Studies have shown that both men and women who have just one casual sexual encounter with someone else can themselves experience a great sense of sexual regret. Researchers believe that one-night stands bring negative experiences for 2 main reasons:

The feeling of being cheated

This is because there are many people who exaggerate their feelings for each other in order to have sex, thus making the other party believe that the relationship can escalate and thus agree to casual sex.
 However, they find out afterwards that this is not the case and it inspires feelings of being cheated and loneliness.

Guilt caused by female stereotypes

In addition to this, some studies have suggested that women find it more difficult to enjoy the process of casual sex because casual sex goes against the moral code of sexual behavior in their minds. This may be due to the fact that they grew up with the perception that only bad girls have sex with people other than their partners. This view is so constraining for women that it creates self-criticism and reduces their sense of self-worth. Overall, both men and women have suffered some emotional damage in casual sex to a greater or lesser extent, and women, in such relationships without the constraint of commitment, may be more affected. You may ask, so is there no benefit to casual sex? In fact, apart from satisfying sexual needs, casual sex may have an additional function - making friends or becoming partners.
 If we think of friendships and partnerships as a sublimation of fwb relationships, then our initial belief that "casual sex = satisfying physical needs" may need to be changed! After all, more than 50% of people achieve a deeper connection through this purely physical relationship, eventually developing into friends or couples.

casual sex, can you find true love?

 Since more than 1 in 5 people find a partner after a one-night stand, is it possible that we can also find true love through one-night stands? After all, when surfing the Internet, we do occasionally see posts about one-night stands that eventually develop into couples. However, most of the time: people who meet through casual sex are also more likely to think only about casual sex. This is really not a small blow to those who secretly fall in love with each other in a fwb relationship. So, in order to stay in the relationship, they often pretend to only care about sex.  Here is some small advice for those who want to move on from fwb:

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Will he reach out to you?

Other than "Are we going out?" Would he be willing to initiate some kind of chat other than "date?
 If it's just to be a fwb, he's more likely to only think of you when he has a sexual need.

Will he want to get to know you?

If he wants to know more about your past, your life, or if he remembers some of the details you've told him before during daily chats, it could mean that the person is still interested in you personally.

Does he express his emotions to you?

We often only expose our emotions and vulnerabilities to people we feel safe with. If the other person will do this to you, it may mean that he may have treated you as if you were a little closer to the relationship.

Does he want to talk to you about anything else besides sex?

Anyone with common sense knows that if you want to develop a long-term serious relationship, a person will not always show "full of sexual interest". If the other party sends a message two out of three sentences are provocative, then you can be certified as a player, and you just play it. If the answer to the above question is no, then you have to be careful. After all, the unilateral input, unanswered feelings for their own is a not small harm.


Each of us has the freedom to choose whether, or not, we approve of casual sex. If you are against casual sex, that is perfectly fine, because everyone has their own preferred way of having sex. For example, some people feel very uncomfortable when they engage in intimate physical contact with strangers. If you choose to have casual sex , remember that there is nothing wrong with satisfying your sexual needs without hurting others. Also, always remember to be prepared with condoms, safety first. However, if you are having negative feelings such as loss of confidence and low self-esteem because of this short-term sexual relationship, you have to seriously weigh what is the best option for you.