When The Mood Is Just Right — These Kinks Are A Perfect Match

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Kinky Ideas To Spice up Your Ultimate Sex Bucket List

The current pandemic ridden state of the world makes us think about all the things we missed in life and the big ‘what ifs’. It gave us the zeal to once again go back into the world. And check everything off of our bucket list! However, while the lockdowns are fine and dandy ⁠— have you considered making a list of kinky ideas for the bedroom?

Highlights: Ideas to add kink in your sex bucket list

  • Are you missing out on some great options?
  • Is BDSM for you?
  • Have you tried some good phone sex?
  • Do you need sex therapy?

It’s time to explore the deeper and darker parts of your psyche and drag out all the sexual desires that you might’ve saved for a rainy day and make a note of it for future references. You’ll find, you’re more bound to try out new things when you’ve turned it into a ‘desire’ rather than a ‘want.’

Need help coming up with some ideas for your spicy sex bucket list? It can be tailored to your own kinky ideas and individual fantasies. If you need a jumping-off point, here are some things that might help you get things going!

Touch that Lingers Longer

Our ideal day-to-day life is filled with work and distractions to the point that a lot of new-age couples end up facing various hurdles to physical intimacy. A potent reason why relationships perish.

The easiest way to overcome this hurdle is to connect with your partner on a more physical level. Be more intimate with your partner in other ways than sex like, kissing them in the morning, hug them goodbyes, hold them close while you sleep.

Once your partner reciprocates, take the next step and don’t look back.

Play Strip-Poker or Strip Chess

There’s positively no chance you could lose with this one! But there’s a chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about how to play poker or chess. If you’re truly not into games, you and your accomplice could take a stab at stripping to something different and maybe introduce more kinky ideas.

Fewer things could be more appealing than an elaborately drawn-out game of striptease. Although, if you think you’re losing the game, there is no better way to flip the situation than by teasing your partner and inviting them to a session of raunchy sex. 

Experiment with BDSM


While this may not be everyone’s thing ⁠— restraining your partner with various implements and long foreplay before sex ⁠— is something you don’t want to miss out on. With this, you can work on bringing all your Fifty Shades fantasy to real life.

Talk to your partner and decide on a few things that you both would want to try out. Also, establish the concept of a ‘safe word’ to help you control the situation or when you want things to stop.

Though once you and your partner agree to go ahead and explore the kinky ideas and horizons of BDSM together its going to be a ride. There’s no reason why BDSM shouldn’t be high up on your sex bucket list.

Write Your Own Erotic Fan-fic

In fact, there’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing! Incorporate what you know about you and your partner’s current sex life and inject a healthy amount of fantasy into the mix?

Later you can surprise your partner with your story and get the pleasure of watching their every reaction. Don’t worry about seeming silly, odds are they’ll be flattered and curious.

Have Some Good Phone Sex!

phone sex

Phone Sex is a lifesaver for long-distance couples. However, even if you live with your partner, it’s still a kinky idea worth trying at least once.

You can start off by sending them racy texts which would narrate the things that you would wish to try out with them, in various circumstances. This can be followed up by sending saucy pictures to each other as well as planning skype calls to get each other off.

In fact, in the process, if you switch on to a phone call, pump up the volume! Loud sex definitely has its merits according to Women’s Health Magazine. Some of those fun little highlights are that your roommates won’t barge in on your party of two! You’ll breathe easier and you’ll turn your partner on in the process. All the while making sure you both have the best orgasms!  

Watch Porn Together

watch porn

Porn doesn’t need to be something you keep to yourself. Try finding something you both like and get an amazing binge party going.

It’ll get you both in the mood and give you ideas for role-playing or positions that you’d like to try together. Or new things that you would wish to experiment with.

If porn isn’t your thing, you could try to play a sexy game using erotic literature, find an erotic story or novel and take turns reading to each other. See how many pages you can get through before you can’t keep your hands to yourself.

Try Sex Therapy

If a sexual lull persists even after you try some great ways and kinky ideas to spice things up, sex therapy is always an option for you and your partner to discover deeper reasons behind sexual issues and, in turn, find ways to address them and get better with time as a couple.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to sexual interests and fantasies. Which is why making sure that you and your partner agree on whatever you wish to try out is very essential.

Once the mutual agreement is achieved, ‘losing the spark’ won’t ever have to one of your stress causing points!