Where should you put your hands when kissing


Like movies, TV shows, when the main man and woman kissing, the audience across the screen can feel that full of love.

Shakespeare once said that kissing is the seal of love, kissing can always make two people in love, feelings closer to further, then you know how to be the right way to kiss? Kissing when thinking about what, tongue and hand should be placed in what position, interested in me to see it!

The dating experts Imad Jbara and Amber Crain on wikiHow give detailed tutorials, and after reading them I just want to say: learn, there's no end to learning.

If this is your first kiss

You can put your hand gently on each other's waist, both proper and intimate;

You can hold hands

Two people interlocking fingers, or one touching the other's hand while kissing, doing so very gently;

If you want to kiss a little more intimately

you can use your hands to touch each other's faces. You can use your hands to hold each other's face before the kiss and bring the other person closer to you. The kissing process can stroke each other's cheeks, neck, ears and other areas, sensitive areas are touched will make the kissing atmosphere more warm or intense;

Stroking each other's hair with your hands

the other is the case of long hair can also be circled around the hair with your fingers, is very gentle and intimate sense of the way.

Put your arms around each other.

Depending on the height, you can put your hands on each other's waist or shoulders, which is very comfortable, and can show each other that you enjoy the kiss;

When you are ready to end the kiss

you can take your hand away from each other, the body signal will express that you want to stop; if the other party still does not understand to, you can put your hand on each other's shoulders to gently apply pressure to push him away.


The above is an introductory kissing tutorial that I believe will help you complete a sweet kiss.

But sometimes, people don't just want to kiss, or the excitement is piqued during the kiss and they want to move on, so how do you use the kissing action to send signals and keep increasing the excitement? Dating experts have provided us with an advanced tutorial.

  1. To step from kissing to more intimate behavior, you need the consent of both partners. Is the other person responding to your kiss? Is the other person avoiding or approving when you pull their body closer and touch their hands in more intimate places? Verbal communication is also important at this point, try a more intimate act and then gently ask the other person if this is okay.
  2. when both parties have the same will, you can hold each other's waist with your hands and pull the other party closer to yourself, so that the two bodies are close together, which will quickly heat up the atmosphere;
  3. kissing while holding each other's hands on their bodies, such as arms, waist, thighs, and can show each other what they like, but must drop their hands if the other person feels uncomfortable;
  4. if the person you are kissing is wearing jeans, you can put your hand in their back pocket, which will not only bring the other person closer to your body, or a way to touch them sensually through their clothes;
  5. If both people desire to have sex, you can explore the rest of your body with your hands while kissing, take your time, and stop if the other person feels uncomfortable and switch things up.