Which is more important, length or hardness?

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Today to talk to you about time and hardness, which is more important in the end? Men's time problems and hardness problems are very common in the life of couples, and both can cause serious problems for men. We know that a man's time is too short and hardness is not enough for a woman to experience a good feeling. And in reality, the strength of a man's sexuality is often an important sign of success for a man. There are even rumors and legends that a man with strong sexual ability must be able to succeed in his career. This shows that the indicators of sexual ability, the importance of the man can not be overstated.


How important is time?

The vast majority of women, indeed, want men to enhance their time, because one of the main reasons why many women can not orgasm, is that the male partner is too short, there is not much pleasure has ended, she will be very uncomfortable, in a sense of up and down. So, this also causes time anxiety in men. Many men, probably for the rest of their lives, can not get rid of the panic of "premature ejaculation". The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal of time, but you don't have to be too anxious. The best way to control the time is to have professional training.
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How important is hardness?

In reality, the percentage of men who actually suffer from erectile dysfunction is only 30%. The vast majority of men do not have significant erectile dysfunction, but are not hard enough, and it is not common for men to be able to reach level 4.

 If you can achieve level 4 hardness during sex, which is the hardness of a cucumber, it means that you have excellent erectile function and can give your partner a great experience during conjugal life! At the same time, hardness is also a barometer of a man's physical health. Declining physical skills and cardiovascular problems can cause a man's penis to be less hard than it used to be and thus not be able to give his partner a comfortable enough experience.


Time or hardness, which is more important?

Through the above analysis, we know that, in fact, for women, time and hardness are both essential for good sex. If we must distinguish which is more important, hardness will be more important than time.
Hardness is the most essential element for men in the
The perfect state is one in which both partners are emotionally in love and physically reach orgasm together. Generally speaking, men's orgasms are easier to achieve, while women's orgasms are more complex, and not every sex can be achieved.
 From the point of view of sexual satisfaction, the size and length of the penis are not as important as its hardness.
 A survey shows that the average length of an erect penis in the United States is 15.5 centimeters, far more than is needed to meet the sexual needs of women. Many men believe that the longer and larger the "penis" the easier it is for a partner to have an orgasm. However, the study said that men actually do not have to care too much about length, hardness is the most essential element of male sexual life, if the penis is not sufficiently hard, both men and women are difficult to obtain satisfactory sex.
 The data shows that the factors that affect sexual satisfaction include male hardness, creating a strong feeling of intimacy with the partner, using different sexual positions, the frequency of sex and the length of time for a single sexual encounter. The results of this survey show that hardness is the most important factor affecting orgasm and the quality of sex life, with as many as 83.42% of men and women making it a top priority.
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 If a man, unfortunately, has problems with both time and hardness, then it is also important to improve the hardness problem first.

 Hardness is the basis of time, and time is an extension of hardness. Only when the spongy body is sufficiently engorged and hardness comes up, can you go ahead and consider improving time.


How to exercise hardness

The most basic thing is to lose weight and exercise more, especially the leg muscles.
Strengthen the penis response and train the penis to be free to pump up and down: When you have an erection in the morning, before you go to the toilet to urinate, press the penis down with your fingers by lightly pressing a third of the way from the front of the penis, so that the penis will be close to an erect state. Then put your fingertips on the penis and feel its reaction, close the anus tightly on one side and push the penis upward on the other. Repeat this action for about a minute.
Reinforce the parasympathetic nerves dedicated to sexual erection with self-awareness: after defecating, close your eyes tightly, release all the strength in your shoulders, then release the strength from your head to your feet, close your mouth halfway, relax your facial muscles, and then repeat short, slow abdominal breathing for thirty seconds.
Strengthen organ function and sexual hormone secretion: Use squatting horse stance to train the lumbar strength and pelvic muscles.