Why do men like uniform temptation?

uniform temptation

You may wonder how a uniform, which is supposed to be a symbol of solemnity and order, can stimulate a person's sexual impulses. Today we will talk about this issue ~

Why are people keen on "uniform seduction"?

Work Uniform

Here refers to the uniforms of stewardesses, nurses, police officers, etc., and some people prefer OL (white collar) uniforms.

As the saying goes, "what you can't get is always coveted", the solemn profession brings a sense of abstinence

Sometimes the more serious, the more people want to uncover the surface, to find out. And stewardesses, police officers such images are generally more distant from us, itself with a sense of mystery.

On top of that, it's easy to get attached to a profession like nursing. Many people grow up with a soft spot for white angels; so the first object of male sexual fantasies is usually a gentle image like a nurse.

Student Uniform

uniform temptation

Mostly refers to Japanese student uniforms, which are divided into sailor uniforms (symbolic navy collar, bow tie, pleated skirt) and Western-style uniforms (shirt + bow tie/tie with a sweater vest/blazer).

We like the sailor suit, like the innocence of the student, the girl's youth, the more shame, the better.

Maid's outfit

The maid's outfit originates from the Victorian period to distinguish between the servant and the employer.

At the beginning of the maid dress wrapped tightly, from head to toe not to show a little, and later through the promotion of Japanese anime, often in anime and cafes with a meek and lovely image, and even derived from the "maid culture".

Well-behaved maid outfits for men is a great satisfaction of their psychological needs; light quickly raise the status of men this point, it is enough to make millions of men crazy about it.

Bunny Girl

uniform temptation

You may want to ask, is there such a thing as a uniform that is made for eroticism?

We found the answer in the Playboy Club founded by Hugh Hef in 1960: silk rabbit ears on his head, tights, and a furry orb tail adorning his hips.

The bunny uniform was born! Yes, this is a legal adult industry, Playboy Club guests must be a "gentleman", contact and harassment of bunny girls is strictly prohibited, or will be blacklisted and banned for life.

The Bunnies are the embodiment of sensuality, and they need to be elegant at all times - even when they are resting, they can't lose their cool. After training, they can identify 143 brands of wine, know how to decorate 20 different cocktails, and are strictly limited in weight and makeup.

In those days, the bunny girl was a symbol of female sensuality and freedom; passed down to this day, less upper-class elements, leaving behind not only sexy and bold, but also erotic and sexual innuendo.

Why are some people so obsessed with black stockings?

uniform temptation

When it comes to "uniform temptation", we will definitely think of stockings; when it comes to stockings, we have to mention "black stockings".

Men like black stockings because they enhance a woman's sexual attractiveness and (with a trimmed leg line) give off the charm of a mature woman.

The reason why black stockings are a little more sexy than other stockings is because black represents solemnity, authority and mystery; therefore, women wearing black stockings also have a sense of mystery and distance.

And the black stockings are propped up by the skin of the legs, showing a semi-translucent color, the more towards the root of the thighs, the thinner and more translucent the stockings are; it is easy to stimulate the urge to rip deep inside men.

Many women wear black stockings in the workplace or for major occasions, even diplomatic occasions and international conferences. Some workplaces also make it mandatory for women to wear black stockings, such as sales, administrative, and hotel jobs.

If you want to attend a formal event, a woman's suit + black stockings + high heels is definitely a stable and unmistakable dress.

But it's worth mentioning: an improper match can destroy that sense of stability.