Why do some people like to talk dirty during sex

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I would like to ask if people think it is a cool thing to talk dirty regardless of the occasion? But if a person, just love to say a few swear words when snapping, that may just be a fling.
We all know that making sounds during sex can act as some kind of ambiguous amorous.
 Only some people will like to swear out loud while having sex, which can certainly be understood as another kind of eroticism. So, what exactly is sexual dirty talk? Why do some people like to talk dirty during sex? What is the right way to say dirty words?


What is "Sexual Dirty Talk"?

First of all, we must make it clear to you that the profanity we are going to talk about today does not refer to personal attacks or character assassination of those languages.
Rather, it refers to a shameful, erotic language that arouses the other person. In layman's terms, it is dirty talk.
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Dirty talk during sex, which generally includes erotic descriptions, sexual commands, verbal abuse, etc., is used as a means of increasing pleasure before or during sex.
Of course, many people actually have some misconceptions about swear words, thinking that only the rude, straightforward and simple ones are dirty talk.
But in fact, it is also divided into many kinds: there are euphemisms, straightforward, stimulating, hinting, etc.. We are all adults, in fact, there is no need to be so blunt. But no matter which one it is, it's all about enhancing the fun of this sex.


Why would someone like sexually explicit dirty talk?

Why do some people look civilized, as soon as they get into bed, they let go of the scale?
A study published in the journal Hormone Research showed that when people cross these cultural taboos, the brain secretes significantly increased levels of circulating testosterone, and that increased levels of this hormone typically reduce anxiety and boost libido in humans.
The stronger the taboo, the more pleasure it brings when it is broken.
 Renowned sex educator Horant Kechadourian gives the answer in his book on sexology, "A View of Sexuality" - "Mocking and even nasty humor and "dirty talk" stimulate the sexual desire."
Moreover, the sense of hearing itself is a receiver of strong stimulation.
If you also have a preference for this, then the "dirty talk" will poke you right in the sexual fetish, so that you have the pleasure of stimulating pleasure.
Of course, all this is based on the premise that both sides like it.


What to watch out for when talking dirty about sex

In fact, the appropriate between couples to talk dirty, not dirty, nasty, but to increase some of the fun, but more exudes a charming fragrance of lust.
Both partners tease and flirt with each other during sex, and some dirty talk about sex seems necessary, especially for women with a long induction period for sexual arousal.
So, what should you be aware of when talking dirty sex?
  1. Advance communication
No matter what way you do it, talking 'dirty' is based on the fact that both parties enjoy it.
Before saying it, it is best to communicate with the other party to see if they like it. If the other party expresses incompetence in accepting it don't try, because there is a risk that the other party will feel particularly uncomfortable, and even the feelings of both parties will be hurt.
After all, different people have completely different expectations and acceptance of profanity, and the same phrase that may be flirtatious to some may be insulting to another.
  1. Do not make personal attacks
Although "dirty talk" is "dirty", "dirty talk" during sex is not essentially cursing.
Therefore, do not make personal attacks when talking dirty, for example, do not take the opportunity to vent your frustration, do not laugh at each other's body size, do not compare each other with others, etc.
  1. Use dialect carefully
Imagine, when the dry wood meets the fire, almost to ignite when you a heavy accent dialect is like a bucket of cold water suddenly poured down.
Here's a tip, you can do more sensory descriptions to enhance the sense of power and colorfulness of the expletive.
For example, it can be described around sight, touch, smell, and hearing, which makes it easier for both sides to create a sense of taboo-breaking excitement.
For example: "Your tits are soft to the touch and make me want to take a bite out of them".
Is not all boys like to say "dirty words" I am not sure, is not the focus of this matter, the focus is how you feel about yourself, if you feel uncomfortable accepting words certainly said to each other.
Talking dirty during sex is actually considered a flirtatious sexual technique, like special positions, or the use of devices and role-playing, etc.
But not everyone will like it, just as not everyone likes carbonated drinks. There are all kinds of ways to flirt sexually, and if you really can't accept it, you don't have to stick to this one.